King’s Pass

When you land walk off the screen to the left for the first secret of the game and a Geo Cluster.

Walk to the right, bashing through the barriers and defeating your first few enemies. Continue all the way to the right for the second Geo Cluster.

Jump up the ledges and head to the left. Inspect the large mirror to learn about collecting and focusing Soul to heal. Break the barrier to the left and jump up the ledges to the next Geo Cluster.

Drop down and jump up the ledges, watching out for the falling spike at the top. Up the top on the left you’ll find a blue glowing orb, a Lifeblood Cocoon. Break it and then kill the little blue globs to increase your health temporarily by two.

Head to the right and just as the floor collapses hug the left wall to make it into a secret corridor for the next Geo Cluster.

Jump across the spikes to the right and then drop down to the dark passage at the bottom. Inside you’ll find another Geo Cluster and a spike pit that looks too far to jump across. You can make it across by using the downward parry strike.

Jump across the next spike pit and drop down. Inspect the mirror for a little message and then break the shell for your first Charm, the Fury of the Fallen. When equipped this charm increased your attack damage by 75% when you are on one health.

Drop down the passage to the left and then jump back up the ledges. Drop down the collapsed floor once more and jump across the spike pit. This time head up to the left. Break the planks at the top to break open a hole and jump up. Head to the right and inspect the mirror to disover you’re about to enter a new land, Hallownest.

Break the large wall to the right and drop down to the town of Dirtmouth.


The town is pretty empty at the moment but more people will arrive once you find them down in the tunnels below. Speak with the Elderbug and then sit on the Bench to rest and save your game. When resting you can go to your inventory and equip your charms.

You’ll be able to fast travel back to the town once you’ve explored the stations in the areas below. For now head to the left and drop down the well to enter the Forgotten Crossroads.

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