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City of Tears (East)

You can enter the City of Tears (East) by taking the lift down from the Resting Grounds. Walk one screen to the right and then jump up the wall to the top of the room and take the exit above.

When you enter the next room the gates will close and you’ll have a small battle with the Sentries. Once they’ve been defeated walk to the right and pick up the Mask Shard.

Head down this tower section. Towards the bottom on the right side you’ll find a Wanderer’s Journal.

King’s Station

Drop down to the King’s Station. To the right you’ll find the Bench and Stag Station. There’s a Hallownest Seal above the station roof but you’ll need the Monarch Wings to reach it.

Drop to the bottom of the King’s Station and take the exit to the right. This room looks empty but there’s a secret in the wall by the water to the right.

Make your way around to the right to rescue a Grub. The exit to the top leads to the Tower of Love but you’ll need the Love Key from the Queen’s Gardens to unlock the doors. The exit to the right leads to the Kingdom’s Edge but we’ll be exploring that later.

For now head back to the King’s Station and take one of the exits to the left.

City of Tears (East)

In this building most of the doors are closed but there are 3 doorways that are open. One of them needs a Simple Key to open and leads to a lift which will take you up to the Pleasure House where you’ll find a Hot Spring and a Bench. Explore the side areas of the lift to find a Rancid Egg and Wanderer’s Journal.

Another door leads to a room filled with little bugs. Kill them and jump a little to find the secret in the wall to the right. This leads to one of the easiest boss fights in the game. He drops 420 Geo when you kill him.

The final door leads to a Heavy Sentry guarding a Grub. Kill the Sentry and free the Grub.

The last section of City of Tears (East) is the Watcher’s Spire. We’ll come back here once we’ve found the Monarch Wings with the double jump in the Ancient Basin.

For now you may want to head over to the Relic Seeker or the Nailsmith to upgrade your nail. In the next part we’ll be exploring the Royal Waterways.

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