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Trial of the Warrior

When you enter The Colosseum you’ll need to pay to unlock the trials. The first trial is the Trial of the Warrior. If you drop down the hole you can find Zote the Mighty. To the right is a Hot Spring. The room to the left is where your soul shade will end up if you die in the trial.

The first trial costs 100 Geo to unlock. If you win you’ll be given a Charm Notch and 900 Geo.  If you take this trial again you’ll be rewarded only Geo. During the waves try to take out the flying enemies first as they tend to be the most dangerous. Charms to lengthen your nail and Quick Slash make it easier to strike from above.

If you’ve rescued Zote he will be the final boss for this fight. Unfortunately he’s hopeless and you can just whack him around the arena until he collapses. Once he’s been defeated you’ll win the challenge.

Trial of the Conqueror

The Trial of the Conqueror costs 450 Geo to unlock. If you win you’ll be rewarded with 1800 Geo and Pale Ore. If you repeat the trial you’ll only be rewarded with Geo.

This trial has more difficult waves than the first. Once again target the flying enemies first. You can use the Weaverlings charm to help deal with the ground enemies.

The boss for this fight is two Oblobbles. Once you defeat one the other will regenerate and gain health and rage, making it more difficult to hit. Only focus on defeating one first because the other one will gain its health back anyway.

Trial of the Fool

The Trial of the Fool costs 800 Geo to unlock and gives 2700 Geo as a reward. It’s much more difficult than the other two. Using charms that lengthen your nail and Quick Slash will help with this battle.

The boss for the Trial of the Fool is the God Tamer and her Beast. If you defeat the Beast the Tamer will give up so you can just focus all of your energy on defeating the Beast.

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