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Resting Grounds

From Crystal Peak drop down before the Crystalised Mound to enter the Resting Grounds. There’s a Tram Station to the left and Statues of the Dreamers to the left. Once you inspect the statues you’ll be taken to the Dream World. Follow the butterfly creature and speak with her to receive the Dream Nail.

When you wake up you’ll be in the Seer’s house. When you speak to him he tells you that he’ll give you rewards for Essence. The first reward requires 100 Essence. You can gain Essence by defeating dream bosses or gathering it from Whispering Root trees.

Head outside, use the Dream Nail on the Whispering Root and start gathering your first bit of Essence. On the right side of this chamber you’ll find a Bench and Stag Station. When you are done Desolate Dive the coffin to the lower right to enter the underground.


In this section you’ll find a number of breakable walls and roofs. Drop down and head to the right. After defeating the Entombed Husk break the roof above to find a Grub. Drop down and continue to the right.

When you reach the chest with 150 Geo break the wall to the right and the roof above. Take the path above to find a Bench and the Grey Mourner who will ask you to take a flower to a grave in Queen’s Gardens. If you do it successfully without taking any damage return to the Grey Mourner for a Mask Shard.

The path to the right leads to the Soul Eater charm. Break the wall to the right where the Entombed Husk comes out for a Wanderer’s Journal.

When you’re done here head back to the left. You’ll come across a Lift which leads down to the eastern side of the City of Tears. We’ll be going there next. For now continue to the left.

Climb up the ledge and hit the Switch that leads back to the above ground area where you dropped down from the Crystal Peak.

Use your Dream Nail to initiate a fight with Nero or just talk to him and challenge him.


The first dream boss is one of the easiest. He hovers above the ground and shoots down Nails at you. He starts with 2 but then gets another 2 when he’s almost been defeated.

If you need to take a break hide under the ledge and heal up. Once he’s been defeated you’ll receive 100 Essence. You can head back to the Seer for a reward, the Hallownest Seal, or just keep going and come back when you have more.

When you are finished with this area drop back down to the underground and either head left across the Blue Lake to Dirtmouth or take the lift to City of Tears (East).

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