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Chapter 4: Will the Real Troll King Please Stand Up

Grab the shovel and the gravedigger will pull you up. Talk to him and then walk to the south east and then the west to the house. Knock on the door and then talk to Dr. Mort Cadaver. He’ll give you a weird pet. Leave the house.

Walk back to the east and use the rope ladder up to the cubby house. Be careful of the spider web. If you click on it you’ll be killed by a big spider. Inside the cubby house take the backbone from the floor and the wrapped leg from  the trunk and then take the lift back down.


Head to the west and visit Dr. Cadaver again. Give him the backbone and he’ll give you a weird pet-in-box in exchange.

Walk to the north west back to the graveyard. Talk to the gravedigger a few times. He doesn’t want to dig holes with a shovel but someone has stolen his rat that powers the digging machine. Walk back to the south east and talk to the naughty kids. Show them the weird pet-in-box and then put the weird pet on the lift. The rat will jump down to you.

Walk back to the north west and give the rat to the gravedigger. Go back to the cubby house to the south east. The kids have left behind a small coffin. Use the hammer and chisel on the coffin to set the cat free. The cat will be so grateful that it’ll give you one of its extra lives.

Go back to the graveyard to the north west and take the shovel. Go south east, west, west and south to the area with the bones and the tree. If the tree’s right branch is down then blow the gravedigger’s horn and he’ll dig a hole. If the branch is up leave the screen and come back. Climb down the hole and look at the lock.


You may have seen the combination a few times already. Click on the skull, the bat and then the spider to open the lock. Unfortunately Malicia will lock you both in the box. Give the dragon toad to the troll king . Use the hammer and chisel on the troll king’s wrist to bring the dragon toad to life and make your escape.

The troll king will disguise himself as a scarab that will appear in your inventory along with the magic wand. Quickly take the black cloak and use it on yourself to wear it.

Walk north, enter the house and talk to Dr. Cadaver and he’ll give you a bottle of defoliant. Leave the house. Walk east and south. Use the defoliant on the monster. Give the wrapped leg to the carnivorous plant and you’ll receive a flower. This is not essential as you can get a flower latter on in the game anyway.

Walk east past the house and then north to the backyard. If you hear a dog barking here leave the screen and come back again. If there’s a dog barking you’ll die when you try to enter the house. In the backyard look closely at the vines at the base of the house. Use the shovel on the vines to dig a hole into the house.

Don’t enter the room just yet. Go back down. A dog will come sniffing at the floorboard. Use the defoliant on the dog’s nose. Climb up into the room and look in the third drawer down of the dresser. Keep looking until you find a device. Put the clothes back and a stocking will fall out. Take the stocking.

Exit the house through the floorboard. Leave the backyard and go east. Use the silver pellet with the stocking to create a sling. Walk east and use the sling on the werebeast as it attacks.

Walk north and enter the small red door leading back into town. Enter the town hall and go through to the back area. Walk down to the east, down and down again. Knock on the door and enter. Look at the base of the statue to the left. It’s dirty so use the stocking to clean the statue.

Look at the base of the statue again. It wants something to eat. Use the hammer and chisel on the grapes at the base of the pillar to the right to get a grape. Give the grape to the statue to reveal a secret exit.

Use the magic wand on the scarab to bring the troll king back to life. Follow him down the hole and through the cave to end the chapter.

Chapter 5: Nightmare in Etheria