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Shardlight Danton

Leave the alley and speak with Gordon who has a stall just to the left of the alley entrance. He’s looking for something to make a mask for his daughter and wants to check out the Centrex factory. Ask him if he has anything new for sale. He has a flintlock pistol that he’d be willing to trade for something.

Walk to the right and talk to Gus. Tell him that you’ve got the perfect life. Gus doesn’t know how you can help but suggests you swing by the farm and have a chat with pop.

Speak with Marichka to the right. She mentions something about a weed with blue flowers. Don’t mention the secret code to her. Exit to the right. You know have a few more locations available on your map.

Pop’s Farm

Head over to Pop’s farm. Talk to him about the sheep and ravens, etc. His sheep are dying from starvation but there’s not much you can do at the moment. Head back to the map and go to your house.

Amy’s Home

Play jump rope with the kids for a bit of fun then enter your house. Pick up the Bucket and go back outside.

Shardlight Bucket

Examine the booth with the flowers growing inside. Use the Bucket on the booth to smash the glass and get the Flower.

Pop’s Farm

The fast growing weed would make the perfect food for Pop’s sheep. Head back to Pop’s farm and give him the Flower.

Before you leave have a look at the scarecrow. Pop will let you take the Gas Mask.

Market District

Go back to the map and visit the Market District West. As you approach Gordon the bell will sound and a guard will appear and have a chat with Gus.

Talk to Gordon and give him the Gas Mask in exchange for the Pistol. Head to the well and talk to Nelson. Tell him that you’ve got the perfect life. Tell him you want to read a book and ask for a science book. Read through the book on filters and then head back to have a chat with Gus.

Tell Gus that his farm problems have been solved and ask about the salt and government as well. Exit the market head to the Salt Flats.

Salt Flats

Walk to the left and look at the excavation. Take some Salt and go back to the map.

Centrex Factory

Visit the Centrex factory. Open the doors to the right and talk with Denby about everything. Put the Plank in the Bucket and then add the Salt to the Bucket.

Place the bucket in the furnace. Turn the valve, shown in the pic below. Light the furnace by using your Pistol.

Shardlight Furnace

Turn off the valve and take out the wood from the furnace opening. The wood has turned into Carbon.

Leave the factory and go back to the map. Head back to the Market District.

Market District

Give Gordon the Carbon for the gas mask. The bell will ring and a guard will have an offer for Gordon. Walk into the alley and go down to see Danton. Now that you’ve helped Gordon and Gus, Danton will ask you to infiltrate the Ministry of Medicine.

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