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Shardlight Rockwall Prison

Look at the pile by the door and grab the Empty Syringe. Examine the Listening Device. Rotate it upwards and use the Empty Syringe on the hole to open it and grab the Wire.

Look at the panel to the left of the window. Use the Wire on the panel. Open the drain on the floor and push the wire into the drain to short circuit the panel. The raven will push open the grating on the window, allowing you to escape your cell.

Have a look at the HVAC unit on the roof. Look at the Raven¬†and point to the guard. Look at the raven and point to the ‘shiny object’. The raven will get you the Coin. Use the Coin on the HVAC unit to loosen the screws.

Use the Listening Device on the speakers and then push the HVAC unit onto the guard below. Climb down the ladder and head out the exit to the right.

Market District

You’ll be taken straight to Clem in the Market District. He says something about a vase. Have a look at the vase to find the Note and examine it.

Shardlight Note

Go through the door and down the stairs. Walk to the right and Denby will jump out. Talk with Denby about everything.

Grab the Noose at the bottom of the screen. Give Denby your Lottery Ticket. He’ll give you some Strings in exchange. Take a look at the blackboard. Connect the pegs with the String as in the Note you found in the vase. Connect i to e, s to n, h to m, v to u, a to p, o to c, l to b and w to r.

Shardlight Blackboard

This spells out the name Milton, the technician you found dying in the beginning of the game. Head back up the stairs, exit the Market District and go to the Reactor Entrance.

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