Welcome to a walkthrough of Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation. SQ5 follows the exploits of Roger Wilco who is training at the StarCon Academy.

Once Roger completes his training at the academy he’ll be given a ship of his very own, including officers to command! Unfortunately the ship is a garbage scow called the SCS Eureka, but hey, a ships a ship!

For the walkthrough you’ll need a copy of the coordinates which can be found in the Galactic Inquirer which came with the game. I’ll include a list of the coordinates of each location below and throughout the walkthrough as you progress from location to location.

Space Quest 5 Walkthrough

StarCon Academy & the Eureka
Kiz Urazgubi
The Spacebar
Klorox II, Thrakus & the Eureka
Genetix Laboratory
Showdown with the Goliath

SQ5 Map Coordinates

Monostadt VII #54671
Klorox II #90210
Ganglularis #71552
Commodore LXLV #01015
Spacebar #69869
Peeyu #92767
Spittoonie #44091
Thrakus: #53284
Genetix Lab: #41666
Goliath #81100

Space Quest 5 was released in 1993 for Dos. It was produced and designed by Mark Crowe and published by Sierra On-Line. This adventure game is largely a parody of Star Trek but also has references to other sci-fi movies. It received good reviews on its released and was praised for its high quality graphics and engaging storyline. SQ5 was originally only available on floppy disks and the coordinates, which are found in the manual, were a form of copy protection. Space Quest 5 is available for purchase on Gog.com.