Down on the surface of Klorox II walk into the large tent and use the console on the table in the center. Roger will be attacked by a mutant. You’ll need to quickly move left and right to dodge the acid. After a few dodges you’ll be saved by Droole.

Pick up the Paper that the mutant dropped just before the attack. Take a look at the Paper in your inventory. It says “80869“. Use the console again and type this number when asked for the access code. You’ll be able to read the personal log of the colony administrator.

When you are done reading leave the tent and go back to where you first beamed down. Walk to the west to the secret path. You’ll find a Genetix Canister. Take a look at it to find the coordinates for the Genetix Lab (#41666).

Head back and use your Communicator to get Flo to beam you back to the Eureka. Head to the bridge and take a seat. Flo will pick up an emergency signal coming from Thrakus.


Command Droole to lay in a course for Thrakus (#53284). Go to lite speed, regular speed and then standard orbit. Press the orange button to speak with WD40 and ask her to scan the planet. Ask for recommendations and then leave the bridge.

Press the red button on the wall to the right. This will allow you to access the lift to the Pod Bay. Step on the circular lift in the center of the corridor to be taken down.

Open the panel just to the left of the space suits and grab the Rebreather Mask. Use the console to open the Elevator door and go back to engineering. Stand on the teleporter pad and use the Rebreather Mask. Roger will beam down to the planet.

Walk to the west and then north-east between the tree trunk to get to the shuttle. Look inside the shuttle, grab the Cloak and press the red button to turn off the Homing Beacon.

Walk to the west and Bea will attack, thinking that you’re a mutant. When you get the chance give the Cloak to her so that she won’t fall. Use your Communicator to call Flo. She can’t teleport you from this position. Wait for Bea to let down a vine and then grab the vine to climb up. Flo will teleport you both out of trouble just in time.

The Eureka

Press the orange button just to the left of Spike’s container to bring out the Cryogenic Chamber. Click on the Chamber to open it up. Pick up Bea and place her in the Chamber. Look at Bea in the chamber and then look at the console on the left. Make sure Cyrofreeze is selected. Type in 10 (for 10 seconds) and click on Start. Bea will be put into hibernation.

Go to the bridge and take a seat. The Goliath will approach. When the Goliath starts attacking command Droole to take evasive action and head into the asteroid field.

After taking some damage Cliffy will leave the ship to make some repairs. Unfortunately he’ll drift off into space. It’s time for Roger to save the day again! Head down to the pod bay, open the panel to the left of where you found the Rebreather Mask and grab the Oxygen Tank. Use the console to turn the pod around and then hop inside.

Take a look at the radar. Cliffy is the green dot and the Eureka is the red dot. Use the joystick to turn towards Cliffy and move closer to him. Use the right lever to extend the claw arm. The claw will need to be lined up with Cliffy’s chest. When you see a green target telling you that the claw is aligned properly open and close the claw, using the right lever, to grab Cliffy. Make your way back to dock at the Eureka.

Take the elevator back to the bridge and command Droole to lay in a course for the Genetix Lab (#41666).  Go to lite speed, regular speed and then standard orbit. Teleport down to the dome.

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