After being injected into Stellar leave the cockpit and grab the EVA Suit and Helmet from the closet. Wear the EVA Suit but don’t worry about the helmet for now.┬áTake the Capillaries from the engine nacelle on the right side and the Alveoli from the nose of the ship. Exit through the ulcer at the bottom right of the screen.

Climb down the stomach to the bottom and grab the Feather, the Staple and the Celery String. Grab a Candy and throw it into the pool of stomach acid. Make sure you stay away from the little nanites. Grab the rest of the Candies and throw them into the pool one-by-one as well.

Open your inventory and use the Staple on the Celery String to make a Grappling Hook. Climb back up the side of the stomach and before you reach the top throw the Grappling Hook up to the oesophagus. Roger will fall down to the bottom.

Climb up the celery string and exit out the top. Continue climbing up the throat and dislodge the pill on the right side. Use the Feather on Stellar’s throat to make her cough. The nanites will be killed in the acid.

Climb back down to the bottom and walk through the glowing exit to the right (the duodenum). Walk to the south and take the tunnel to the east. Follow the upper passage to the gall bladder. Open your inventory and use the Duct Tape on the Capillaries to make a Hose. Now use the Hose on the Pump. Use the Pump on the pool of bile to collect some of it in your Helmet.

Walk back the way you came and Roger will narrowly avoid being crushed by a gallstone. Pick up some of the smaller Gallstones and walk to the right. When the passage is too narrow to continue use the Alveoli in the gap. use the Mouth icon on the Alveoli to pump them up and clear a path. Continue to the right and use the Helmet on the pool to collect some of the Pancreatic Fluid. This will make some Mixed Fluids.

Head back to the stomach and use the Mixed Fluids on the pill. It will open, allowing you to grab some of the Timed Release Pills. Go back through the glowing exit and this time follow the tunnel down to the south.

Climb down the side of the wall on the left until you spot a tape worm. Don’t get too close. Throw the Timed-Release Pills into the tape worm’s mouth. Use the Hand icon on the tape worm and it will take you on a journey to the intestines.

Take the exit to the right and grab the Fingernail, Silver Filling and Paper Clip. Leave and ride the tape worm back again. Return to the ship.

Take a look at the flashing red fuel light. Use the Silver Filling on the tank just behind the flashing light. Enter the ship, sit down at the cockpit and inster the CD-Rom that the Dr. gave you and insert it into the Subroutine Program Card slot. Push the Initiation button for a trip to Stellar’s brain.

When you arrive put on the EVA Suit from the closet and leave the ship. Use the Fingernail to cut through the strand that Roger is standing on and walk to the left. Use the Feet icon three times on the other side of the gap until Roger climbs up.

When you see the nanites position Roger at the back of the screen and throw Gallstones at one of them and then the other until they start to fight with each other.

Use the lift. There are controls for moving up, down and stopping in the top right corner of the screen. As you go down stop and read the small signs along the way. When you come to a sign that says “Stellar’s Cough Control Center” use the Paper Clip to poke the side of the wall.

Take the lift all the way down to the bottom and exit through the small gap to the right, beyond the pile of garbage.

Sharpei is using a robot to excavate into Stellar. You must find some way to stop her. Use the Paper Clip on the sparking nerves to the right. Roger will give Sharpei an electric shock and destroy the machine. It’s not over yet! Sharpei will return as a brain and grab Roger. Give her the Fish. She’ll eat it and die, thus ending this strange adventure.

Congratulations on completing Space Quest 6!