Triss teleports Geralt away at the end of Chapter 3 and he ends up on the Lakeside. You’ll meet some strange characters here, including the Vodyanoi and the Lady of the Lake. Tensions builds between the non-humans and the order while a marriage is being prepared by the local residents of Murky Waters.

Story Quests

The Heat of the Day
Free Elves

Side Quests

Daily Bread
Hunting the Wild Hunt
Old Habits Die Hard
Small Problems
The Ancient Cemetaur (Trophy Quest)
The Paths of Destiny
The Vodyan Priest (Trophy Quest)

Map Locations

1) Starting Position – Behind you is the statue of the Lady of the Lake with the Vodyanoi Priest and on the shore you’ll find the Naiada and the Resolute Girl.
2) Circle of Waning Light
3) Fisher King’s Hut
4) Elven Cave
5) Basket with Gold Ring and other loot
6) Campfire
7) Crypt

A) Boat to Black Tern Island
B) Path to the Fields
C) Road to Murky Waters

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