Valfaris is a heavy metal themed action platformer set on an alien world with brutal enemies and bosses. There are three kinds of weapons to collect along the way, melee, primary and destroyer. You also collect Blood Metal that allows you to upgrade your weapons and Resurrection Idols that can be used to save checkpoints or to hold onto to increase your health and energy.

Valfaris is a difficult game to master but with a bit of practice you should be able to defeat all of the bosses. Most of the levels have hidden secrets with either Blood Metal or Resurrection Idols. The more idols you have the more health and energy. So save up as many as you can.

Valfaris Walkthrough

Level 1: Landing Pad

Level 2: Eco-Dome

Level 3: The Hive

Level 4: Refinery

Level 5: Power Chambers

Level 6: The Tombs

Level 7: Worm Tunnels

Level 8: Dead Eco-Dome

Level 9: The Cathedral

Level 10: Cathedral Tower

Valfaris Weapons

Melee Weapons – I found the most useful to be the Blood Axe for the fast attacks or the Jelly Whip for the long range.

Therion’s Own (Start of Game)

This is the starting sword. It draws extra energy out of enemies when attacking but otherwise it’s rather mundane.

The Bastard (Landing Pad)

Found in the third secret of the Landing Pad. It has a more powerful attack than the starting sword and can be charged up once you upgrade it twice.

Blood Axe (The Hive)

Found in the third secret of The Hive. It has a fast attack speed but seems to lack the range of some other swords. After the second upgrade you can charge it up for Blood Frenzy which gives you super fast attacks and life leach.

Jelly Whip (Power Chambers)

The long range on this sword really makes it useful in most situations. You can attack from further away and hit more enemies at once. Upgrading it increases its power and range even further.

Leg of Arach (Dead Eco-Dome)

Has a life drain ability to slowly heal you with each hit. For this to really make a difference you would want to upgrade this to level 4, otherwise it’s just an average sword.

Bathoryn (The Cathedral)

Sets fire to enemies and causes damage over time. If you want to use this sword make sure you save up Blood Metal so you can upgrade it once you find it.

Primary Range Weapons – The starting weapon, the Plasma Pistol, is pretty good if you upgrade it once to get the spread shot. Vroll’s Sidearm is acquired early in the game and has an auto shot with good range. Embryon is also a good choice for its explosive damage.

Plasma Pistol (Start of Game)

Upgrade it for a shotgun effect with 3 shots. Otherwise this gun is mediocre.

Wolf Light (Eco-Dome)

Fires a beam of light that does increased damage over time. When enemies die wolf spirits come out and fly around the room, doing extra damage. This gun has a nice effect but takes time to kill enemies.

Vroll’s Sidearm (Eco-Dome)

An automatic pistol that fires bullets rapidly at a distance. A good choice for your standard gun.

Embryon (The Hive)

This weapon acts like a mini grenade launcher. It’s good to clear out smaller enemies but also does decent damage. Upgrades increase the power and blast radius.

Therion’s Call (Power Chambers)

Therion’s Call is another good choice for your primary weapon. It works like a railgun and penetrates through enemies. It has good range and good power.

Bishop’s Reach (The Tombs)

Shoots several arms out to leach the health of enemies. If it can’t find anything to grab onto it leaches your own health. Upgrading it gives it extra tendrils.

The Knife (The Tombs)

This weapon is found in the final secret of The Tombs, just before the end level boss. It shoots 3 knives that stick in the enemy and continue causing damage over time. It does high damage but only having 3 shots limits the usefulness of this weapon.

Destroyer Range Weapons – These weapons pack a punch but are limited by the amount of energy you have available. Holding onto more Idols increases your total energy. The first heavy weapon you come across is pretty good, the Hellwraith, and works just like a minigun. The Envoy of Destruction, an automatic rocket launcher is also very powerful.

Hellwraith (Landing Pad)

This is unlocked in the middle of the first level. It’s a powerful minigun that fires at an incredibly high rate and does a ton of damage. There’s nothing wrong with using this gun for the entire game.

Hellhammer (Landing Pad)

This weapon is found at the end of the first level. It works just like a shotgun with massive damage at close range.

Envoy of Destruction (Eco-Dome)

My favourite weapon of the game. This weapon is an automatic rocket launcher that locks onto enemy targets. Auto firing homing rockets!

Man O’War (The Hive)

A flamethrower that is particularly good at destroying projectiles. Once you upgrade it twice it will set the surface on fire, causing extra damage to enemies.

Bringer of Mayhem (Power Chambers)

Fires a beam of plasma energy that locks onto targets and jumps between multiple targets. If this weapon did more damage it would be great but it’s simply too slow to kill enemies.

Skysplitter (Worm Tunnels)

The Skysplitter is a super powerful railgun that deals massive damage to anything in front of you but also requires massive energy. This would be more useful except that it’s simply too powerful for most enemies. Perhaps it would be more practical in boss fights.