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Checkpoint 1

The Eco-Dome is a jungle with a few new enemies. The Reavers will dash at you and slash with their claws and the Spring Slugs will curl into a ball when you shoot them and then release. Jump on them and they’ll give you a boost when they uncurl.

Continue to the right for a Resurrection Idol. Use the next Spring Slug for a boost and run across to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

The Toxic Flowers will shoot toxic spores at you. Shoot at the flowers to close them for a few seconds or dodge past them. You’ll also need to dodge the Vilefang Fleas that will try to latch onto you and drink your blood.

At the end of the flower section you’ll find a Blood Metal in a pile of skulls hidden behind 2 balls. Above is a Resurrection Idol.

Checkpoint 3

Head to the right and use the Spring Slug to jump up. Walk along the tree branch and use the vine to climb across to the right and grab the Resurrection Idol. Jump across the gap to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

Hit the Spring Slug when it is near the tree trunk in the background. Use it to boost up to Secret #1.

Climb up and use the next Spring Slug to jump across the gap to where you’ll find a Resurrection Idol and Blood Metal. Watch out for the Blood Fiends that spawn in front and behind you.

Drop down to the right of the Blood Metal and break the container for the Wolf Light pistol. Continue to the right for a Resurrection Idol and checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Mini boss fight with a Toxic Flower. Shoot it when the flower opens and keep killing the Reavers when they appear. After a few shots the flower will close and you’ll be allowed to continue.

Grab the Blood Metal and the Resurrection Idol as you climb up the vine to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6

Slide down the ramp and you’ll be floating on a giant turtle in a toxic pit. Keep up with the turtle as you kill and avoid the enemies. Make sure you jump up the leaves so you can grab the next Resurrection Idol.

At the end of the toxic lake you’ll find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7 – Hell Cobra Boss Fight

Stand in the center platform until the Cobra shoots it’s poison at you. Move to the wall and continue shooting. Move back to the center and jump up to the other side when the Cobra moves. Repeat until you’ve killed it.

Climb to the right for the next weapon, the Envoy of Destruction. It fires a barrage of missiles that home in on enemies. One of the best weapons of the game! To the right of it you’ll find a Resurrection Idol and checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8

Grab the Blood Metal and quickly make your way up the center of the tree before the toxic liquid reaches you. Along the way you’ll find another Resurrection Idol and Blood Metal. This may take you a few attempts but the checkpoint is just nearby.

Checkpoint 9 – Bloodstalker Queen Boss Fight

This boss isn’t too difficult and has two phases. For the first phases she will throw plasma balls at you or drop a dead Blood Fiend on you. For the plasma attack try to stay underneath her as she always shoots to one side.

When she get’s down to half health she’ll swoop down and pick you up, taking you to a different location. You can still hit her when she’s carrying you.

When she drops you down keep moving from left to right shooting at her. Use the sword to kill the Reavers so you can get back some energy.

After she’s been defeated you’ll ride her to the next location. Break the glass for another pistol, Vroll’s Sidearm. Exchange the Idols for Blood Metal if you want, then ride the Queen to the next level called The Hive.

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