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Checkpoint 1

This is the most difficult level of the game so make sure all your weapons are upgraded. By now you should have 3 Blood of Valfaris to upgrade your 3 main weapons.

Head across to the right, kill the Sword Master who drops a Blood Metal and make your way across the chains. Grab the Resurrection Idol on the other side and hit the lever to bring down the lift.

Kill the Sword Master and ride the lift up. Hit the next lever and ride up the next lift. To the right you’ll find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

The Hell Maidens are a new enemy. They’ll shoot 3 fireballs, disappear and then charge at you from behind. Try to turn around and parry them.

Make your way up the ledges and jump up on the left side. Grab the Resurrection Idol and kill the Sword Master guarding the door. He drops a Blood Metal. Shoot the button above him to open the door to the right.

The next room is a battle arena. Take out the Soldiers and Hell Maidens to activate the air lift. Ride it up to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

To the right is another air lift but you need to place something on the statue to activate it. Instead take the path leading down and make your way all the way across to the Hell Cobra. You will find a Resurrection Idol along the way.

This one has a different kind of attack from the one you faced earlier. It’s not too difficult to defeat and drops the Globe of Souls. Take this back to the statue above and ride the air lift up.

Checkpoint 4

Don’t destroy the boxes! Instead climb up them and exit the screen to the right for Secret #1.

Climb along the chains to the top right while avoiding the lasers from the Tetra Drones. You’ll find a Resurrection Idol. Climb back to the left along the top chains and you’ll also find Blood Metal and a Heart.

Go back to the checkpoint and go to the left. Hit the lever and ride the lift up to the large chamber above.

This is a difficult area. Watch out for the Monks. They look like werewolves and will latch onto you draining your health.

Make your way up the chamber to the first Tomb Keeper. Once destroyed he’ll drop a Globe of Souls.

There is a second Tomb Keeper above. This one drops Blood Metal. Continue up to the top, picking up the Resurrection Idol along the way. On a ledge to the top left you’ll find a pile of skulls with Blood Metal.

Continue up to the top and take the moving platform to the right. Place the Globe of Souls on the statue and then take the moving platform back to the left so you can ride the air lift up.

Checkpoint 5

The entrance to Secret #2 is above the checkpoint and to the left.

Break the boxes and ride the air lift up to the lamps above. Jump across to the right for Blood Metal and a Resurrection Idol.

Head to the right but watch out for the Hell Hounds and Hell Maidens. Grab the Resurrection Idol along the way. At the end you’ll be attacked by 2 Dire Hounds. Remember to get close when they use their homing missiles. Continue to the right for Blood Metal and the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6 – Furrok Boss Fight

First switch to The Knife and use it to open Secret #3. Shoot the button and drop down the hatch in the floor.

Underneath you’ll find 2 Blood Metal. Jump back up and equip your favourite weapons for the boss fight.

Furrok is a close combat specialist and is immune to ranged attacks. I use the Blood Axe and power it up before the fight for super fast attacks and healing. Parry or block his punches and get in a few attacks of your own.

When he takes enough damage he’ll get knocked down for a couple of seconds letting you get in extra hits. When he slams the ground and does the flame attack jump to the sides and the onto the lamp. When he dies a flame strike will also span out towards the sides and walls so make sure you’re hanging onto the lights.

Once he dies he’ll drop the Bathoryn. A flaming sword that sets enemies on fire. You’ll also find a Globe of Souls. Place that on the statue and take the air lift up.

Checkpoint 7

Walk to the right and take the elevator up. You’ll be attacked by lots of smaller enemies along the way. I like to use the Jelly Whip for this section for the increased range.

Once you get closer to the top you’ll need to avoid the arcs of electricity. Once the elevator stops climb up the ladder in the center. Jump off the screen to the left for Secret #4.

You’ll land on a ledge where you can find some Blood Metal. Jump back and climb up the ladder. Walk to the right for the Resurrection Idol and hit the lever to lower down the lift. Ride it up to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8

Just above the first lift you can find a Resurrection Idol. Continue making your way up to the top of the tower. You’ll need to activate a couple of lifts along the way. Make sure you grab the Resurrection Idol hiding on the right side at the top.

Ride the revolving platforms around and hit the four red buttons. There’s two on the right side and two on the left side. Once you’ve hit them all a hatch above will open.

Climb up the ladder and ride the lift up to end the level.

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