After finding Frostmourne and claiming the power as his own Prince Arthas turns to the dark side. He is now a hero of the Undead and must discover how to use his new powers.

The Path of the Damned Walkthrough

  1. Trudging Through the Ashes – As the plague spreads closer to Lordaeron Arthas must rescue the Acolytes.
  2. Digging up the Dead – Arthas must kill the Paladin guarding Kel’Thuzads tomb and then find the Urn to transport his ashes.
  3. Into the Realm Eternal – Destroy the High Elf Base which guards the Elfgate.
  4. Key of the Three Moons – Athas must destroy the Altars and find the three pieces of the key.
  5. The Fall of Silvermoon – Bring the Urn to the Sunwell and get rid of that pesky Sylvanas once and for all.
  6. Blackrock & Roll, Too – Get access to the Demon Gate by destroying the Orc encampment guarding it.
  7. The Siege of Dalaran – Kill the 3 Archmages including Antonidas.
  8. Under the Burning Sky – Keep Kel’Thuzad alive for 30 minutes while he summons the great Archimonde.