Death’s Door is an isometric action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon delving and puzzle games such as Zelda and Tunic. You play the role of a small reaper crow working for an organization to bring in souls.

Your job takes a turn for the worse when your assigned soul is stolen. You’ll have to travel across a dark and atmospheric world in search of it, fighting bosses and finding new abilities or spells along the way.

You’ll start the game in a place called the Hall of Doors. This is where you get your assignments and can find the doors to fast travel to other parts of the world once they’ve been opened from the other side.

There are a few different weapons to find, as well as upgrades to your combat abilities that can be purchased from the Vault Manager in the Hall of Doors. Upgrades only make a slight difference to your abilities so you probably won’t notice much until you have upgraded them at least a few levels.

Death’s Door Walkthrough

Hall of Doors & Grove of Spirits

Lost Cemetery

Estate of the Urn Witch

Ceramic Manor

Overgrown Ruins

Mushroom Dungeon

Castle Lockstone

Return to Lost Cemetery

The Urn Witch

Flooded Fortress & Frog King

The Old Watchtowers and Betty’s Lair

Lord of Doors

True Ending

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Life Seeds


Shiny Things

Shrine Locations

Stone Fragments