Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a dark fantasy metroidvania set in the world of a fallen kingdom. Long ago a blight transformed the residents of this land into undead monstrosities.

You awaken in the depths of a church as a young woman and must face the outside world. The story will unravel as you progress through each of the chapters.

As you defeat bosses you’ll acquire their “spirit” that can be used for various attacks in battle. Three of these spirits can be equipped at any one time. You’ll also find hidden relics to improve your playstyle and amulets to increase health.

Spirits can be upgraded at resting spots called respites. Depending on the spirit and the upgrade number it may increase damage, increase range, increase projectiles or reduce cool down. To pay for the upgrade you’ll need to use one kind of blight or another. The walkthrough will show the location of all the blight in each chapter.

Ender Lilies Walkthrough

Chapter 1: White Parish

Chapter 2: Cliffside Hamlet

Chapter 3: Witch’s Thicket

Chapter 4: The Catacombs

Chapter 5: Twin Spires

Chapter 6: Ruined Castle

Chapter 7: The Stockade

Chapter 8: Verboten Domain

Chapter 9: The Abyss