The Founding of Durotar is a bonus campaign and plays more like a RPG than a strategy game. It consists of three acts with large maps and more quests than normal. There’s no base building but the campaign has more of a focus on building up your heroes.

You begin Act 1 with a Beastmaster hero called Rexxar who decides to help the Orcs build their new home. As you explore you’ll encounter other heroes that you can take control of including a Pandaren Brewmaster called Chen Stormstout and a Shadow Hunter named Rokhan.

The Founding of Durotar Walkthrough

Act 1: To Tame a Land – Rexxar and his friendly bear companion, Misha, enter Durotar to help build the Orc base. The leader of the Orcs, Thralls has a number of quests for Rexxar who must eventually go out to see why Jaina Proudmoore and the Humans have arrived in the land.

Act 2: Old Hatreds – Once again take control of Rexxar and his companions. This time to confront the Humans about their raids on the Orc outposts.

Act 3: A Blaze of Glory – In this final act Rexxar and Thrall must gather the Orc forces together to face a final battle with the Human alliance.