The Founding of Durotar is a bonus campaign and plays more like a RPG than a strategy game. It consists of three acts with large maps and more quests than normal. There’s no base building but the campaign has more of a focus on building up your heroes.

You begin Act 1 with a Beastmaster hero called Rexxar who decides to help the Orcs build their new home. As you explore you’ll encounter other heroes that you can take control of including a Pandaren Brewmaster called Chen Stormstout and a Shadow Hunter named Rokhan.

The Founding of Durotar Walkthrough

Act 1: To Tame a Land – Rexxar and his friendly bear companion, Misha, enter Durotar to help build the Orc base. The leader of the Orcs, Thralls has a number of quests for Rexxar who must eventually go out to see why Jaina Proudmoore and the Humans have arrived in the land.

Act 2: Old Hatreds – Once again take control of Rexxar and his companions. This time to confront the Humans about their raids on the Orc outposts and convince the other races to join in the upcoming battle against Admiral Proudmoore.

Act 3: A Blaze of Glory – In this final act Rexxar and Thrall must gather the Horde forces together to face a final battle with the Human alliance.