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  1. Notice Board (Inn)
  2. Book Seller
  3. Cedric
  4. Three Nekker Nests
  5. Nekker Nest
  6. Louise Merse

Nekkers have plagued the forest south of Flotsam and clearing them out is the perfect job for a Witcher. Read the Notice Board outside the local Inn (#1) to begin this quest.

The contract is to destroy the 4 Nekker Nests in the swamp south of Flotsam. To get prepared for this contract you’ll need to read a book on Nekkers. If you don’t have one already you can buy a book from Einer the Dwarven Book Seller (#2). Next you’ll need Grapeshot Bombs to destroy the nests. You can craft them yourself or buy them from Cedric (#3). Cedric also sells the formula for making the bombs yourself, Formula: Grapeshot.

The Nekkers are fairly easy to kill but they can do a lot of damage if they team up on you. There are four nests, three around the northern edge of the swamp (#4) and one one the southern edge (#5).

When you get close to one of the nests Nekkers will crawl out of the ground. You can either fight them off first or run in and blow up the nest which will kill all of the Nekkers hiding under ground.

One of the ingredients you’ll loot from the corpses is Warrior Nekker Blood. Don’t use this for alchemy, instead keep it until Chapter 3 where you’ll need it for a quest and to craft one of the most powerful swords of the game.

When all the Nekker Nests have been blown up return to Louise Merse (#6) to claim your reward of 150 Orens. Once you complete both the Nekker and Endrega contract you’ll be given the Diagram: Witcher’s Superb Silver Sword as an additional reward.

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