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  1. Angry Townsfolk
  2. Vilmos Bartok (Merchant)

Little Shop of Dreams becomes available once you start The Scent of Incense quest. Speak with the Angry Townsfolk (#1) who will tell you that the merchant Vilmos Bartok is selling incense that is having a weird effect on people. They want you to shut the shop down.

Head over and talk to the store owner, Vilmos Bartok (#2). He’s unwilling to talk about the ingredients of the incense but you can intimidate him by threatening to tell Loredo or use the Axii sign to find out he’s selling drugs. You can either tell him to close down the shop or believe that he’s innocent, at which point the quest will end.

If you forced Vilmos to close down his shop speak with Matilda Szabo again, one of the angry townsfolk, to let her know. She’ll reward you with 20 Orens but you won’t be able to purchase any items from Vilmos’ shop ever again.

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