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  1. Cedric
  2. Elven Ruins

After Cedric dies in the main quest Where is Triss Merigold? you’ll either need to align yourself with Iorveth or Vernon Roche. At a Crossroads: Iorveth is mutually exclusive with At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche. You can only choose one of them.

After you find Cedric (#1) Dandelion and Zoltan will come out to meet you. Both the Scoia’tael and Roche’s men need your help and you need their help to find Triss. Zoltan will urge you to speak with the Scoia’tael before making any decisions.

Meet with Zoltan and Iorveth (or just Zoltan if you punched Iorveth resulting in his capture in The Assassins of Kings) at the Elven Ruins (#2). If Iorveth has been captured you’ll make a plan to free him otherwise you’ll work out how to find a ship to sail to Vergen.

You can listen to their plan and still meet with Roche. You don’t need to decide right away. Siding with the elves will complete this quest and open up a new one, The Floating Prison.

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