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In Fists of Fury you’ll need to fistfight against three opponents before facing the Velen champion in Crow’s Perch. You can find the three openents in Lindenvale, Blackbough and Inn at the Crossroads. The three opponents are Stan Fishgulper, Jonah and Smithy and you can fight them in any order.

When you’re getting ready for your fight with Stan Fishgulper he’ll beg you to lose the fight as he really needs the money. If you lose the fight you can challenge him again and win. If you decide to beat him anyway then you can offer to give him money to feed his family after the fight.

Once the three regular opponents have been defeated head to Crow’s Perch to face the Sergeant. This will be a tougher match but it should be no trouble for a Witcher. Once the Sergeant has been defeated you’ll be rewarded with 160 Crowns.

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