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Just to the west of Mulbrydale you’ll find Priest along the road who asks for your help. The guards will warn you off but the Priest asks you to come closer.

Speak to him to find out he wants you to burn the bodies of the recently deceased because there has been so much death and destruction in this land. If you accept the quest he’ll give you Holy Oil and ask you to set fire to the corpses at each location.

There are three locations, once to the southwest of the Priest, one to the north of the first and the third to the southeast.

At each location use the Holy Oil and ignite the bodies in the pit. You can approach each location in any order. At the final location you’ll find a man trying to fend off a pack of Ghouls. It’s possible he’ll die here so quickly help the man fend off the Ghouls.

The man is Titus Gielas and he tells you that the Priest who contracted Geralt to burn the bodies is the same Priest that tried to kill him and left him there to die. He also tells you that the Priest is a fisstech dealer who is trying to burn the evidence.

Return to the Priest and you can either ignore the evidence that Titus gave you and accept your reward or question the Priest. If you question the Priest he will attempt to bribe you with 60 Crowns. If you don’t accept the bribe it will end in a fight. If you kill the Priest make sure to search his body for 200 Crowns.

Whatever path you choose when talking to the Priest the quest will be complete.

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