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Once you lift the curse on Fyke Isle after the A Towerful of Mice Quest return to Keira and she’ll ask you to find out what happened to her items which were supposed to be brought to her by a trader.

Make your way to the quest point marked out on the map and use your Witcher senses to follow the tracks of the wagon. Watch out for the Drowners and Water Hag lurking about nearby.

Examine the area and you’ll find Keira’s Package underneath the wagon. Geralt notices that there doesn’t appear to be anything magical about it.

If you follow the blood trail away from the wagon you’ll come across a Rotfiend and a dead body. Kill the Rotfiend and search the body for a Note. Return to Keira with the package. If you agree to wait for her she’ll show you what it’s all about.

Date with Keira

Keira wants to take you on a date and has prepared a few surprises. If you agree to play along she’ll cast a spell to give you fancy clothes. Next she’ll turn 3 mice into 2 horses and challenge you to a race to the picnic spot. For this race you don’t need to follow the path exactly.

After having a chat the two of you will lay under the stars. Keira will cast a sleeping spell on Geralt and he’ll awaken at dawn. This complete the A Favor for a Friend quest and begins For the Advancement of Learning.

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