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Speak to a Refugee in Benek to pick up this quest or find the ransacked caravan or cave with the refugees on your own.

Make your way north along the road until you find the caravan. Examine the blood, barrel, claw marks in the rock and tracks. Geralt will notice a scent that you can follow all the way to a cave in the north east.

Outside the cave you’ll find a body and inside the cave to the left you’ll find the two missing men. Talk to them to find out what happened.

Head down to the south and up the ramp. Follow the path to the top to find 2 Wyverns and 2 Nests. Take out the Wyverns and then destroy their nests. Once that’s done a Royal Wyvern will appear. Kill the Royal Wyvern as well and then loot the body for the Wyvern Trohpy.

Return to Benek and speak to the Refugee to let him know his friends have been rescued.

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