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This quest can only be started once you’ve completed the Defender of the Faith quest. At night head to the bridge just north of Blackbough. A woman standing on the other side will call for your help.

Talk to her to find out she’s been haunted by her dead husband, Jackamar. She asks you to leave her Wedding Ring on his gravestone.

If you agree to take the ring she’ll show you the location of the cemetery. She then turns and disappears.

The cemetery isn’t too far away and is quite close to the Pellar’s Hut. Head to the location and use your Witcher Senses to locate the husband’s grave so you can place the ring. While you’re here you can use Keira’s Magic Lamp to listen to a short conversation between the ghosts.

When you’re done return to the hut marked on your map and the woman’s granddaughter will be outside. When you tell her the story she’ll be surprised because her grandmother died years earlier. She was buried far from her husband and it seems she wants some connection with him in the afterlife.

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