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The Fall of the House of Reardon can be started in one of three ways, see Dolores Reardon being kicked out of a hut in Lindenvale, read the notice on the Lindenvale Notice Board or find the Reardon Manor while exploring.

One the quest has begun you’ll need to ask Delores about the monsters plaguing her manor. She’ll tell you that she returned to the area after her husband passed away but can’t get near the manor because of the monsters. When you agree to help her she’ll give you a Key to a lockbox in the manor where you’ll find your reward.

Follow the map marker to the Reardon Manor. The events that take place there will depend on whether you spared or killed Letho in Witcher 2.

If you spared Letho you’ll find all the monsters gone when you get to the manor. Instead there are traps layed about and someone hiding in the barn. This activates the Ghosts of the Past quest.

If you killed Letho then the estate will be filled with Wraiths which you’ll need to kill before continuing.

Your reward is in the barn and the Barn Key can be found in a chest in the northwest house. Loot the chest for the key and then open the barn door. Use your Witcher senses to find some writing on the wall. Examine the area below it to find the lockbox with your reward of 100 Florens.

There’s more to examine on the estate if your interested. In one of the buildings you’ll find a painting of Delores’ twin brother Humbert as well as her Diary.

Head out behind the barn and climb down the hidden stairway to the cellar. Destroy one of the breakable walls and inside you’ll find a Skeleton with a Paper next to it. Return to Delores who is now in the tavern and let her know what happened to her brother. This will give you some extra XP and end the quest.

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