Wolfenstein 3D is the classed first-person shooter that started the modern genre. It was released in 1992 and developed in part by John Romero who designed the Doom levels.

It takes place as WWII rages and you find yourself captured in Castle Wolfenstein with nothing but a knife. Along the way you’ll find new weapons and face bigger and deadlier enemies.

This walkthrough uses the official maps from the Wolfenstein 3D hintbook, showing the location of all secrets, enemies and items. If you’re playing Wolfenstein 3D on a modern PC I recommend playing through ZDoom with the Total Conversion mod for some quality of life improvements like the automapping.

Wolfenstein 3D Walkthrough

Episode 1: Escape from Wolfenstein

Episode 2: Operation Eisenfaust

Episode 3: Die, Fuhrer, Die!

Episode 4: A Dark Secret

Episode 5: Trail of the Madman

Episode 6: Confrontation


Spear of Destiny Walkthrough

The Tunnels

The Dungeons

The Main Castle

The Ramparts


Return to Danger

The Submarine Pen

Secret Weapons Research

Atomic Research

Command Bunker


Ultimate Challenge

Computer Technology Labs

Laser Guidance Systems

Satellite Systems

The Fuehrerbunker