It’s time to break out of the daily grind and find some real adventure. Get out of bed and open the present to reveal the Grabbin’ Garry Robot. Click on the air tank to grab the tank of compressed air.

You won’t be able to go out the front door. Your only escape is out through the grate. Use the screwdriver to open the grate and you’ll find an inflatable raft. Use the tank of compressed air on the inflatable raft and you’ll see that it’s actually an inflatable man that looks like Shay.

Put the inflatable man on the bed and exit through the grate. You’ll crawl out of the air vent and meet Marek the wolf. After talking to him he’ll give you the Talon Nebula star chart. Go through the air vent that Marek points to and hand the Talon Nebula star chart to the space weaver.

Broken Age Act 1 Shay Doll

Broken Age Act 1 Marek

Once you’ve reached the Talon Nebula go back and talk to Marek. He’ll take you to the computer to rescue some creatures. Press the green button to lower the shields. The red button will lower the boom arm and grab the creatures. You’ll need to time it correctly.

Use the yellow controls to move the ship into position and grab another creature. Marek will tell you hostile forces are approaching and that there’s another distress call from Danger System 5. Marek will give you the Danger System 5 star chart. Give it to the space weaver and head back to Marke. You’ll have to rescue more creatures but this time the ship will lock you out of the controls.

To get going again you’ll need to find a way to hack into the boom arm controls, bring the shield down and override the space weaver’s nav scarf.

Head back through the vent down to Marek. He’ll give you the Prima Doom space chart and the Omicron inhibitor. Head through the space weavers room and take the door to the left and you’ll be in the central area of the ship.

Broken Age Act 1 Space Weaver

Broken Age Act 1 Shay Central Hall

Take the door to the north and head towards the galley. Pick up the knife on the table. Go back to the central hall and you’ll see two doors on the right hand side. A green door and a blue door. Take the green door then go into the elevator on the far right to the Starboard Passageway.

After having travelled the elevator you’ll notice your head is a little bit smaller. Walk to the left and enter the second door to the room where you were given a hug attack. Walk down to where the little creature is moaning. Take the crotchet hook then head back into the hallway. Next head into the ice-cream room and grab the whipped-cream gun.

Broken Age Act 1 Crotchet Hook

Broken Age Act 1 Whipped Cream Gun

Walk all the way to the right and enter the airlock. Head to the north and you’ll be taken outside the ship. Use the tank of compressed air and put it on your helmet. Next use the knife to cut the air hose. Lastly take the whipped-cream gun and attach it to your suite. You’re now ready to jump. You’ll float close to the boom arm controls. Use the knife to open the security hatch and use Grabbin’ Gary to connect to the arm controls.

Head into the elevator room and go take the left elevator to the trophy room. Pick up the baby spacesuit. We want to avoid going back through the elevators as our head needs to be small enough to fit into the baby space helmet so climb through the vent in the wall on the right-hand side. Walk back around to the teleporter room and take the central elevator to the Fusion Orb Containment Facility.

put the baby helmet on your head and head into the Containment Facility. Place the Omicron inhibitors on the Fusion Orb.

Lastly, head back to the space weaver. Look at the Prima Doom star chart. You’ll need to enter this manually into the nav scarf with your crotchet hook.

Head back to Marek for the last rescue mission.

Broken Age Act 1 Omicron InhibitorBroken Age Act 1 Saving Creatures

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