Objective: Prevent the convoy trucks from escaping and destroy all Soviet units and structures.

This is quite a tricky mission in that the convoy trucks will leave randomly, one-by-one, and take one of the three exits off the map. You’ll need to guard or mine the southern path, western path and north-western path. Your base should be on the western edge of the map so you should have no trouble defending the middle path.

When the mission begins clear out the Soviet troops and deploy your MCV. In a few moments you’ll get more reinforcements including a Small Tank and Rocket Soldiers. Quickly build a Power Plant, Ore Refinery and War Factory. You will be attacked quite frequently so build a few Small Tanks before buying your second Ore Truck.

Send your Spies out to explore the map and build a Radar Dome when you can to spot when the Convoy Trucks are making a move. Use the Mine Truck to lay mines on the southern and north-western paths.

If you manage to stop the first few Convoy Trucks you’ll have time to build a force of Small Tanks to sweep through the Soviet base and complete the mission.

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