Objective: Make it to the eastern side of the base.

To complete this mission you need to bring some soldiers to the eastern edge of the base. You begin with a Spy, a Medic and a handful of Infantry. Keep your Spy alive as you’ll need him to use the control panels.

Use the Control Panel to destroy the Flame Tower and then take out the Soviet Infantry. Continue to the left, kill the soldiers and send the Spy up the path to the north. Use the Control Panel to destroy one of the Flame Towers.

Bring the Spy back and send him down the southern passage. Enter the War Factory and the Spy will take a truck to another location. Use the Control Panel just to the north to destroy the second Flame Tower. Watch out for the Dogs and send your troops further east.

Blow up the barrels when the Soviets approach and move your troops up slowly to draw out the dogs. Send the Spy across to the Control Panel to release sarin gas and destroy all the soldiers in the room.

Continue to the north to see two Tesla Coils battling it out. Bring the Spy to the Control Panel to the west to destroy the Soviet Tesla Coil. The Allied Coil will destroy the Mammoth Tank. Head to the east and kill the dogs along the way. Send the Spy down to the south and use the Control Panel to the right to destroy the Mammoth Tank.

Take the passage to the south, on the right side of the room. Sneak the Spy down and use the Control Panel to destroy the Flame Towers and rescue Tanya. Use Tanya to take out the soldiers on the way back and head up to the north.

Let Tanya kill the soldiers as you make your way east and then south. Blow up the barrels in the room to the east and use the Spy to blow up the 3 Flame Towers. Take your troops to the east to complete the mission.

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