Objectives: Kill the saboteur and then destroy all Allied forces in the area.

You begin with a spread out base in the south. Some of your buildings will be destroyed as the saboteur pushes the button to destroy them. You may as well sell the Tesla Coil in the top left corner of your base as the nearby bridge has already been destroyed.

Build a few extra Heavy Tanks and send a group of around 8 of them to the west and them up to the small Allied base to the north. Your small force should be enough to take out all of their defences. Leave the Construction Yard intact and bring an Engineer to take it over. You’ll now be able to construct new buildings.

The Saboteur at some stage will blow up your Refinery. Construct a new one to the south of your base to gather all the Ore in the fields down there. The Saboteur has made his escape and is now in a base on the eastern edge of the map. Bring your Tanks back to protect the entrances to your base. Continue gathering Ore and build a second Weapons Factory for faster Tank production.

While you’re building up your forces construct a Sub Pen and produce a couple of subs to clear out the ocean to the north of your base. When you have around 20 Heavy Tanks and V2 Rockets send them to the east and sweep through one of the enemies bases. The Allies have 2 bases, one to the east and one just above it. The Saboteur is also hiding in a Research Center in the very north-east corner of the map. Once all Allied structures and units have been destroyed the mission will be a success.

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