Objectives: Gas all of the nests and kill all of the giant ants.

You begin with an MCV and a few units in the south-eastern side of the map. In a few minutes you’ll receive a group of Medics who can be used to gas the nests. The first nest is close by, just to the north-west of your starting location.

The nests will continually spawn Giant Red Ants so you’ll want to build some defenses around your base. Construct a few Pillboxes and leave a few tanks at your base while you’re hunting for the rest of the nests.

When you have a group of Tanks send them either north or west to hunt down the nests. When you spot one take out the Red Ants and send in a Medic to gas the nest. There are 6 nests in total. The final nest is in the corner of an abandoned base in the north-western corner of the map.

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