Counterstrike is the first expansion to Command & Conquer Red Alert. It includes 16 new missions for the Allies and Soviets and 4 secret ant missions. New units include three new unique soldiers, a tesla tank, nuclear MiG and an advanced tactical submarine. To access the Ant mission hold shift and click on the speaker in the top right corner of the screen.

Allied Missions

Sarin Gas 1
Sarin Gas 2
Sarin Gas 3
Fall of Greece 1
Fall of Greece 2
Siberian Conflict 1
Siberian Conflict 2
Siberian Conflict 3

Soviet Missions

Proving Grounds
Legacy of Tesla
Soldier Volkov & Chitzoki
Top o’ the World
Paradox Equation
Nuclear Escalation

It Came from Red Alert!

Ant Mission 1
Ant Mission 2
Ant Mission 3
Ant Mission 4