Objectives: Destroy all the ants, including the ant queen.

This is another base exploration mission. You’re given a dozen or so soldiers. Separate the Rifle Infantry from the Flame Throwers into separate groups as the Flame Throwers tend to kill your own units when they attack. Let the Rifle Infantry lead the way and shoot down any Ants you come across until they get killed.

At some stage you’ll be given more reinforcements, including a Mammoth Tank. As long as you move slowly and don’t rush ahead into the ants you should be able to kill the ants without taking too much damage. You’ll also need to destroy all of the cocoons to complete the mission.

When you find the Queen Ant rush her with all of your units. She has a Tesla coil attack but multiple units should be able to take her down. Once all of the ants have been killed the mission, and this campaign, will be complete.

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