Objectives: Take back control of the Soviet bases, as shown by the signal flares, and then use Atomic Subs to destroy the Allied Cruisers.

Start by selling off the four SAM Sites for extra cash and taking the Soldiers and Mammoth Tanks up to the first signal flare. You’ll bump into a few Allied Artillery but nothing the Mammoth Tanks can’t handle.

When you reach the signal flare the next Soviet base will be revealed. You’ll spot Tanya making a run towards the base. Quickly sell the Ore Refinery before she blows it up. This should also produce a few Infantry who will quickly kill Tanya before she causes any more trouble. Put the 3 Ore Trucks to work in the fields and clear out the Allied Tank from the field ot the north with the gems.

Head to the next signal flare in the north-eastern corner of the map. This base has a Weapon’s Factory so you can start building more Tanks, and a Repair Facility to fix up your Mammoth Tanks.

When you have a few more Tanks send them west to the next signal flare. Destroy the Allied Tanks and Artillery along the way. When you reach the Allied base destroy the Yaks and Airfields so they won’t cause you any more problems and then make your way down to the final signal flare to the south. If you’re not quick enough you may get attacked by the Cruisers along the way.

Once you reach the final base you’ll have access to a Sub Pen. Start building Subs and destroy the Cruisers from range. The Allied fleet will park itself to the south of your starting base. Send your Subs there to finish them off. Once all Allied units are destroyed the mission will be a success.

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