Objectives: Remove the Allied presence in the area.

For this mission you have 2 Allied bases to deal with and resources a scarce. To make things worse every few minutes an Allied bomber will drop bombs somewhere around the map. You can find the locations for the bombing runs if you take over the Relay Station in the north-west. You can stop the bombing runs by destroying the Tech Center in the north-east base.

You’ll be attacked from both sides so having a Tesla Coil or two dotted around your base will make life much easier. The closest ore fields are to the west. Once that’s exhausted you’ll need to send your Ore Trucks out to the fields in the west. Make sure you protect your Ore Trucks with a few Tanks or other units.

When you are ready send a group of 20 or so Tanks to either base, it doesn’t matter which one but you might want to destroy the north-eastern base first to stop the bombing runs. Once that’s clear bring your force over to the other base and wipe it out as well to end the mission and complete the Soviet campaign.

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