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As you buy new lands occasionally you’ll find NPCs waiting to talk to you. They’ll have a quest or two for you to complete and the rewards are usually worthwhile. Most of the time you’ll be given a Big Chest which, once opened, has a chance to give a rare artifact such as the Nerdy Glasses for 20% more XP or the Quiver which lets you fire bows without needing arrows.

Grass Biome


Quest 1: Bottled Torchbug x 2
Reward: Druid Scroll x 2 (Druid Scrolls spawn trees on an island)

Quest 2: Tree Sapling x 30 (Tree Saplings can be crafted in a Windmill)
Reward: Small Chest x 2

Quest 3: Dino Egg (Use a Shovel on digging spots in the fire biome to find a dino egg)
Reward: Big Chest

Fairy Mother

Quest: 1000 Gold
Reward: Fairy Aura (Gives passive health and energy regeneration)

Desert Biome

Desert Princess (Ana Banana)

Quest 1: Flower x 40
Rewards: Ana’s Delight x 2 (Animals and faeries spawn near you and drop more resources)

Quest 2: Royal Clothing x 2
Rewards: Pink Bow (Animals drop 25% more resources and spawn more often)

Old Man

Quest: Golden Egg
Rewards: Big Chest

Graveyard  Biome


Quest: Bones x 100
Rewards: Big Chest


Quest: Play his silly trivia quiz
Rewards: Big Chest

Winter Biome

Ice Wizard

Quest: Talking to him initiates a battle against four wizards
Reward: Big Chest


Quest: Poop x 500 (Use a Druid Scroll to spawn trees and then a Wizard Scroll to turn them all into animals)
Reward: Big Chest


Quest 1: Demon Horn x 2
Reward: Small Chest

Quest 2: Kapala (Found in digging spots in the graveyard biome)
Reward: Big Chest

Fire Biome


Quest 1: Cinderbloom x 20
Reward: Mandragora, Liquid Luck and Wisdom Draught potions

Quest 2: Green Pigment x 20
Reward: Wizard Scroll x 2 and Sage Scroll x 2

Quest 3: Crystal x 200
Reward: Magic Scepter (You can fire rods without using up their charge)


Quest: Royal Steel x 10
Reward: Big Chest

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