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Dungeons can be found in the Desert, Graveyard, Winter and Fire biomes. They’re worth exploring for the extra loot and items you’ll find along the way. They all have bosses except for the Skull Maze. Each dungeon has at least 3 secret rooms. Look for the cracks in the walls and break through with a bomb or other area of effect weapon.

Ancient Tomb

The Ancient Tomb is found in the Desert Biome. To make your way through you’ll need to use the power blocks to power up the batteries and open the doors to the various sections. Along the way you’ll find the Thunder Rod which fires out lightning and can power batteries briefly. The Thunder Rod can also be used to speed up crafting.

The boss is called a Thunder Elemental. He will spawn smaller enemies around him. Focus on killing the boss first and then deal with his smaller friends. When you kill a boss it drops a Relic.

Skull Maze

The Skull Maze is found in the Graveyard Biome. It has no boss but is filled with Skeletons and Skeleton Warriors. There are 3 secret rooms and 8 small chests to find. Along the way you should find the Necro Rod which can be used to spawn skeletons.

Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is found in the Winter Biome. This is where you find the Ice Rod which can freeze objects and enemies. Frozen objects will reflect lasers. The boss in this dungeon is the Ice Wizard. You’ll also find numerous Ice Ghosts but they should be easy to deal with.

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is found in the Fire Biome and is where you can find the Fire Rod, a device that shoots out fireballs. There are 4 secret rooms in this dungeon and 5 small chests to find. You’ll need to battle your way past Demons, Flaming Skulls and Fireball Launchers before facing the final boss, the Great Demon.

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