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Queen Xina

Talk to Queen Xina. When the bodyguard shoots Blount use the Hammer to hit the bodyguard and he’ll drop his pistol. Pick up the Pistol and then talk to Queen Xina again. Blount will kiss the Queen. When Mrs Pythie covers her eyes pick up the Magic Wand.

Switch to Fulbert and have him climb the tall candlestick to the right of the throne. He’ll knock off the candle at the top. Switch to Blount and pick up the Candle from the floor. Take both Fulbert and Blount through the door to the right and they’ll appear on the left near the bookshelf.

Stand Blount just to the left of the colonnade and have Fulbert climb the colonnade. Fulbert will knock off some spectacles. Switch to Blount and catch them. Quickly switch back to Fulbert and take him back through the door. Send him over to the flagstone just below where Blount is standing and he’ll stop the spectacles from breaking when Blount drops them. Switch to Blount, go back through the door and pick up the Spectacles.

Use the Spectacles on the Onion to pick it up. Switch to Fulbert and stand on the plate on the table. Switch to Blount and look at the vegetables. Fulbert will go flying and knock one of the chandeliers. Walk up to the throne area and grab the other chandelier. Blount will swing across to the shelf with the pot. Pick up the Fennel and drop back down.

Walk over to the candle holders to the left. Place the Candle in the center candle holder and use the Magic Wand on it. Grab the Candle, place it in the left candle holder and use the Magic Wand on it. Grab the Candle, place it on the right candle holder and use the Magic Wand on it. The mouth of the fountain will open. Go through the mouth of the fountain to meet the King.

King Bodd

Speak with King Bodd. He wants a present so give the King the Hand. Have a look at the cage on the top left. Wynnona is inside. Give the Pistol to the King’s son, Tibo. Give the Onion to the man on the right with the axe and he’ll drop the axe. Pick up the Axe.

Give the Magic Wand to the Buffoon on the table next to the King and then give the Fennel to Fil the Barbarian. He’ll hold his spear up straight from now on. Stand close to chair under the right chandelier. Switch to Fulbert and climb up the spear to start the left chandelier swinging. Switch to Blount and when the left chandelier is closest grab onto the right chandelier. If you time it right Blount will swing up to the ledge with Wynnona the butterfly. Go over and speak to Wynnona and then drop back down.

Pick up a Plate from the table and move over to the Buffoon. Switch to Fulbert and click on the hole full of cockroaches. You can find it in a pipe to the left of the king. Cockroaches will come out and the King will grab the slipper to try and hit them. Switch to Blount. Just as the King grabs the slipper give the Plate to the Buffoon. ¬†The King’s son will shoot the plate and knock the slipper out of the King’s hand. Quickly go and pick up the Slipper¬†before one of the guards grabs it.

To get back to Queen Xina use the Magic Wand on the center candle holder, right candle holder and then the left candle holder. Use the Coin on the fountain to go back through the tunnel.

Queen Xina

Move Fulbert onto the plate on the table to the right. Switch to Blount and click on the vegetables. Fulbert will go flying into the left chandelier. Click on the right chandelier to swing across to the shelf above the fireplace. Use the Axe on the pot and Blount will give a little man the axe.

Drop back down and stand next to the fireplace. Fulbert should be by the candleholder next to the Queen. You’ll need to time this just right. Switch to Blount and walk behind the fireplace. Little heads will start appearing. Wait 3 seconds, switch to Fulbert and have him climb the candleholder. He’ll knock off the skull up the top. It will bounce around for a little while. If you’ve timed it correctly the man in the pot will throw the axe at the string and the skull will fall down.

Switch to Blount and pick up the Skull. Give the Slipper to Queen Xina and then go back through the fountain to King Bodd.

King Bodd

Give the Skull to the King and then take the exit to the right of the King’s son to finish this section.

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