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Pick up the Egg and put the Egg in the mirror of time in the center of the room. The egg will hatch into a Chicken. Put the Chicken in the passage to the right and Blount will hand the Chicken to his reflection. Switch to the Reflection and pick up the Chicken. Use the Chicken on the thin mirror to make it thinner and then put it back in the passage. Switch to Blount, take the Chicken and put it in the small hand hole. This will activate the small hand of the clock.

Now put the Chicken into the fat mirror twice. Put it through the passage. Switch to the Reflection, grab the Chicken and put it into the large hand hole. This will activate the large hand of the clock and the demon will wake up. Put the Chicken through the thin mirror and then hand it through the passage to Blount.

Put the Chicken through the mirror of time to turn it into a Hen. Use the Hen on the fat mirror and then exit to the brain.

Brain Maze

Switch to Wolfy and break the cabinet next to the window of memories. Switch to Blount and push the button in the cabinet three times until you see Colossus in the mirror. Switch to Wolfy and punch the Colossus. A Grain of Sand will fall out. Switch to Blount and pick up the grain.

Switch to Wolfy and walk down to the lever. Pull the lever until the track is diverted towards the lake. Hop into the cart and Wolfy will be flung across to the lake. Switch to Blount and hop into the cart also.

Switch to Wolfy and jump into the lake. Eyes will appear in the lake. Switch to Blount and drop the Grain of Sand into the eye nearest the red flagstone. A bubble will float out of the lake. Quickly run Blount back to the cart and take the trip again. Blount will pop the bubble and it’ll turn into a fish. The fish will float towards the center of the map. Switch to Wolfy and pull the lever until the tracks point straight. Have Wolfy hop into the cart and then take the trip over to the tower on the left. Punch the Decoy to loosen it. Hop in the well and then go through the door to get back to the lever.

Put the Grain of Sand in the eye again to make another bubble. Switch the lever so the tracks point to the lake and burst the bubble. Switch the lever to point straight and this time put Blount in the cart to catch the fish. He’ll be carried across to the tower. Pick up the Decoy. Hop into the well and then the doorway to get back.

Use the Growixir on the plant bud by the wall to make it grow and then use Fulbert from your inventory on the plant. He’ll slither up and press a button. Walk up to the block that just appeared by the window and use the Decoy on the window to call a small dragon. Walk down to the dragon and use the Growixir on the dragon to make it bigger. Use the Decoy on the wall and the dragon will burn down the wall.

Click on the dragon to ride it up to the pillar. Use the Hen on the grain. Once the hen has eaten all but one of the grains pick up the Grain of Folly. Drop back down and go through the door near to the lever. Use the Decoy on the puddle of dreams and the dragon will burn up the puddle leaving behind a key. Take the Box Key and use it on the box in the center. Search the box for some Ointment. Leave the lake area and go back to the Mirror room.


Give the Grain of Folly to the demon. Switch to the Reflection and pick up the Extract. Move both Blount and the Reflection all the way to the left, to the mirror of beauty. Have Blount use the Ointment on the mirror and while Wolfy is talking quickly switch to the Reflection and use the Extract on the mirror. Blount and his Reflection will both walk through the mirror.

The Gods

Speak to the positive pole of the divinity and then pick up the Yarn of Time that he drops. Use the Axe on the fence to the left and then the Hammer on the wall to the right. Ring the doorbell to the left and then the doorbell to the right. Quickly stand on the chain over the spring and Wolfy will grab the Score. Drop the Score into the spring and then ring both doorbells again. Quickly jump into the basin (the spring when the water leaves) and Wolfy will come out with 2 Scores.

Place the Yellow Score on the stand on the left and the Red Score on the stand on the right. Use the Hammer on the cloud and then the Coin on the halo. Use the Yarn of Time on the two notes above the spring and quickly ring both doorbells again to complete the game.

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