You begin on the balcony looking out over the docks. Enter the Calavera Cafe. This is your office. Walk to the left and pick up the Letter from Salvador which is on your desk.

Leave the office and walk down stairs. You’ll see Glottis playing the piano. Walk down to the stairs and speak with Glottis if you want. Walk towards the bar and pick up the Gold-Flaked Liquor.

Walk back up the stairs and speak with Lupe behind the counter. End the conversation and exit out the red doors to the left. Walk down the stairs for a cut-scene. Once again Manny will fall into the water and be rescued by the harbour master, Velasco.

Rubacava is quite a large place so it may take some exploring to find all of the locations. After the cut-scene you’ll be in a new location with the harbor master. Talk with him about everything until he agrees to give you boarding on the ship if some conditions are met. These are, if one of his workers, Naranja, doesn’t show up for work, if Glottis has the proper tools and if Manny can get a Maritime Union Card.

Exit to the left. You’ll end up at a round platform. Take the exit to the north to the Blue Casket. Enter the lift on the left side of the hotel. At the top of the lift take the stairs up on the left side of the lift. Follow the sign and then go up the stairs back to the Calavera Cafe.

Walk downstairs to the bar and then go through the door at the back to the Roulette Room. Speak with Charlie on the right and Manny will grab his Ticket Printer. Charlie will agree to make a Union Card if you can retrieve his money from Max. He’ll also give you his VIP Card to the High Rollers club.

Leave this room and give the VIP Card to Glottis who’ll immediately run off to start gambling.

Leave the Calavera and go back down the lift. Take the right exit and then go south to the old building and train tracks. Pull the Lever on the right to extend the bridge across the water. Run across and go up the stairs to the Cat Races. Continue to the right and have a look at the Plaque on the case of the large cat model. You’ll need some of this information later.

Walk through the door on the right into the cat sand pit. Grab the Can Opener from on top of the large can on the right and leave the room. Head down the screen and then go up the stairs. In this room there are two betting windows. One on the right and one on the left which you can’t see. The first time you enter this area Manny will take a look over the balcony at the cat races.

Walk back so you can see the betting window on the right and walk up the stairs just to the right of the window. Take the lift which leads to the High Rollers club.

Enter through the arches to the kitchen. Pick up the Turkey Baster from the trolley in the lower left corner of the screen. Wait a minute for the waiter to come in. He’ll go into the walk in cabinet. Close the doors behind him and then use the Scythe to lock them shut.

After a while Glottis will come down and drink the remainder of wine from the large keg. Climb up the ladder, use the Can Opener on the top of the keg and then climb inside. You’ll be taken to a storage room.

Climb onto the forklift and drive it through the automatic doors and into the lift. There’s a secret level that you need to get access to by pushing the prongs of the forklift through the gate and stopping the lift. Position the forklift so that the prongs are facing towards the gate. Press the Red Button, climb back onto the forklift and immediately hold the forwards key.

If you’re quick enough the prongs will get caught in a secret passage. Get off the forklift by clicking on the Exit button, walk around to the other side and pull the Lever to lift the prongs up.

Run down the passage and open up the Suitcase. Charlie will take the suitcase and give you a Maritime Union Card. Leave the Cat Races and make your way to the Blue Casket. 25:50

Enter the Blue Casket and follow the waiter out to the back. Speak with Lola. During the conversation she’ll take a photo of Olivia and Nick. Speak with Olivia when the other’s leave and then end the conversation.

Go through the doors to the left into the kitchen. Once the waiter leaves use the Turkey Baster on the dishwater. Leave the kitchen. Speak with the 3 guys on the right with a red book on their table. Show them the Letter from Salvador and they’ll lend you the Red Book.

Leave the Blue Casket and take the lift back to the Calavera Cafe. Speak with Lupe at the front counter. She has a note for you from Lola. The letter’s empty but was supposed to have a key in it. Leve the Calavera but don’t go down the lift.

This time walk down the stairs in front of the lift. Enter the metal doors at the base of the ship-like building to the morgue. Speak with Membrillo. He’s trying to figure out the identity of two bodies.

Leave the morgue and take the lift down to the lower area. Head to the Cat Racers and go up to the High Rollers club. Walk to the right and speak with Nick, who’s sitting at the table.

Tell him that you need a lawyer. When he asks why tell him you’re trying to adopt Glottis. Keep playing to his ego until you can threaten to tell Max about him and Olivia. When he leaves pick up the Cigarette Case.

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