Leave the Casino and go back to the room with the betting window. Walk up the stairs and up another set of stairs outside. Show Carla, the security officer, the Cigarette Case. When she asks what it is tell her “I don’t know. I found it under your desk.” Say that there was a “Shifty looking guy there…” She’ll explode the case and you’ll pick up the Key that was inside.

Go into your inventory and select the Gold-Flaked Liquor. Use the item twice to take two drinks. Now walk through the metal detector. Carla will take you upstairs. Ask her about the metal detector until she gets fed up and throws it out the window.

Go downstairs all the way to the bottom and then right to the cat sand pit. Walk out along the walkway and use the Scythe on the sand to try and pick up the Metal Detector. When you’re standing on the right spot you’ll pick it up.

Leave the Casino and head over to the Lighthouse. You can get there by going back to the circular platform and taking the left path. Continue past the Sea Beas to the Lighthouse. Use the Key to open the door. After the cut-scene Manny will pick up the Coat Check.

Run back to the Calavera Cafe and show the Coat Check to Lupe at the front counter. She’ll give you a Tiny Girl Jacket. Use the Jacket to find a Slip of Paper inside one of the pockets.

Leave the cafe and take the lift down to the bottom. Go right to the circular platform and go down. Continue right until you come to a circular tank. Go inside the tank to find the Tattoo Parlour.

Naranja is getting a tattoo. He’s the one that you need to make sure misses work tomorrow.¬†Go to the left and open the Fridge Door. Pull out the Vegetable Crisper to keep the door open. Quickly go into your inventory and grab the Turkey Baster. Use it to squirt the liquid into the bottle that Naranja’s drinking out of. Naranja will take a drink and pass out.

Search Naranja to grab his Dog Tags. Show Toto the Slip of Paper with the number 6 on it. Toto will find a Photo and give it to you. Leave, go up the lift and down the stairs back to the Morgue.

Give Membrillo the Metal Detector. While he’s looking at one of the bodies use the Dog Tags on the other. Membrillo will find them and declare Naranjo dead.

Go back to the Sea Bees. You passed them on the way to the Lighthouse. Give them the Red Union Book and one of them will get arrested.

Go back to the Casino and use the Ticket Printer in your inventory. The correct code is 02 (from the cat plaque), Tue (as the day Charlie mentioned the fees are due) and 06 (from the photo that Toto gave you).

Press the Print Button to print your Ticket. You won’t be able to use it on the booth to the right. Instead walk to the left and use the Ticket on that booth. A man will come out and show you the photo finish. Manny will peel it open and discover the Photo of Olivia and Nick Kissing.

Go back to the High Rollers Club and show Nick the Photo. He’ll agree to rescue the Sea Bee. Head back to the Calavera Cafe and go to the Roulette Room. Notice which table the Policeman is playing on, the table on the right.

Go back up to Manny’s office and pick up the Pen on the table. This opens up a secret compartment with 3 red lights representing the 3 tables and a magnet button. Wait until the right red light is lit, signalling that the table on the right is being used and press the Magnet Button. The Policeman will lose and close down the Casino.

Glottis and Manny will finally be able to set sail on the ship but the adventures are not over yet!

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