Gris is an evocative indie platformer by Nomada Studio. It’s a story about a young girl whose world has been shattered. Her voice is gone and all colour has faded from her world. It features a minimalistic art style with an elegant and beautiful musical score.

As Gris makes her way through the world she’ll discover new abilities and gradually the colour will return. Gris is a game that flows. One level flows into the next, making it difficult to know when one level ends and the next begins. This makes the game very easy to play. You can just relax and listen to the gorgeous soundtrack as you watch the story of Gris unfold.

There are five levels or areas in Gris. She will gain new abilities as you move along and you’ll find new colours as you approach the start of a new area. There’s a number of optional challenges to complete along the way. The main walkthrough will include the completion of these challenges but you can find specific pages devoted to each individual challenge below as well.

Gris Walkthrough



Windswept Desert
Windmill Caverns


Forest Friend
Black Bird


Underground Tunnels
Turtle of Light

Upside Down

Light will Guide the Way
Stars and Fowls


Gris Challenges

The Gris challenges are optional extras that you can complete along the way. If you follow the walkthrough above you’ll complete all of the challenges as you go. I’ll provide a list of where to find each specific challenge so that you can jump to that area.

Five Stages of Grief – Complete a task in each of these areas, Prologue, Windmill Caverns, Black Bird, Underground Tunnels and Ending.
Sandstorm – Avoid being swept away by a sandstorm in the Windswept Desert area.
Inuksuit – Break all of the stone piles in the Windmill Caverns.
Apples – Lead the Forest Friend to all of the apples.
Eel – Avoid being bitten by the eel in the Turtle of Light area.
Fowls – After Gris gains the ability to sing, sing to all of the fowls in the Stars and Fowls level.
Childhood – Find a secret area of the temple before the Ending for a cut-scene.
Mementos – Fall all the mementos along the way. They are found in every level.
The End – Complete the game.