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A chain of magical islands has risen from the sea. For this campaign you will be vying with other mages to take control the islands.

1) The Shrouded Isles

You begin on the southern island with a blue Wizard hero and a starting bonus of either 2000 Gold, a Power Axe or a Stealth Shield. You’ll need to capture the nearby town so you can hire creatures and get an income.

The other islands have green Warlocks, orange Sorceresses and yellow Necromancers. They have limited resources and units so the quicker you can reach them and defeat them the easier it will be.

The most difficult enemy to defeat will be the purple Wizard on the northern land mass. The only way to get to them is to pass through the barrier and take the two-way gate. They will remain in their land until the barrier is removed so you can take your time to build up an army before taking them on.

2) The Eternal Scrolls

You start with a Wizards castle in the southwest corner of the map. Your starting bonus is a Mage’s Ring, Foremost Scroll or the Fireblast spell. To the east of your castle you’ll find a prison with the wizard Joseph locked inside.Free him as quickly as possible as he’s a high level wizard.

If you want to deal with the yellow castles on your island make sure to block the gate to the desert island by leaving a hero standing on it on your side.

The objective is to capture the city of Chronos in the center of the map. It can only be reached from the yellow players desert island but you’ll need the password from the red players island. Build up a large force and defeat the Wizard army of Chronos to complete the mission.

3) Power’s End

This scenario is optional but you will get the Sphere of Negation as a reward if you complete it. This prevents all spells from being used in combat.

You begin with a single Wizard castle on the western island and a starting bonus of Mass Haste, Summon Earth Elemental or Chain Lightning.

You must find the Sphere of Negation by visiting the Obelisks. They can be found west of the starting castle, south of southern Sorceress castle, northwest of southern Sorceress castle, close to western Sorceress castle, northwest corner of the map and on the small island on the southern edge of the map. The sphere is always hidden in the red players territory beyond the barrier. Once you find it the mission will be complete.

4) Fount of Wizardry

This is the last mission of the campaign. To win you must capture the castle of Magic. You will need a powerful army to defeat the forces of Magic as they have 100 Black Dragons and at least 50 Red Dragons defending the castle.

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