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The School

Head to the right and go through the hole in the wall. Climb in through the window across the street and head through the building to the right. Six will help you through a hole in the wall. Jump on the broken TV and grab the rope. Swing on the rope so you can kick over the other TV.

You’ll be lifted up to the platform above. Go to the left and push the TV off the ledge. Six will come flying up to the platform above.

Head up the stairs to the right and jump the gap. Six will help you across. Before going across the beam go to the left to find Glitching Remain #1.

Go back to the right and head over the beam. Continue to the right and you’ll find the TV room. Touch the TV and then tune the TV with your Left Stick. Once the signal is tuned you’ll enter the TV. Six will pull you out before you can do anything.

Jump through the window to the right and pull out the garbage bin. Go to the dumpster in the far right corner of the schoolyard to find Glitching Remain #2.

Go up the steps and onto the dumpster to find Hat #1 (Soccer Ball Mask).

Climb up the rope to the right and enter the window. Go to the right and up the hallway. Enter the room to the left and pick up the Ball. Take the ball out and to the right. Throw it at the painting to make it fall down. Climb through the hole in the wall.

In the next room jump on the center hatch. Six will help you and the hatch will collapse. Crouch through the dark tunnel and continue to the right. On the other side open up the grate and go through.

Once you drop down on the other side head to the right. You’ll briefly catch sight of the Teacher. Walk to the right and watch out for the creaky board by the ball. It sets off a trap.

Crouch under the lamp and crouch under the hole. Watch out for the creaky board on the other side. Walk up the hallway but don’t go too fast or the locker will fall on you. Climb onto the locker and into the room to the right.

Crouch as you walk on the next creaky board and a lamp will swing towards you. Jump on top of it and onto the table to the right.

Sprint to the right and a locker will fall on top of you and Six will be captured by the classroom bullies. After crawling out from under the locker pick up the Hammer and hit the bully to the right.

Go into the next room and step on the creaky floorboard to trigger the trap and kill the next bully. Climb onto the chair and into the next room. Open the third locker from the left for Glitching Remain #3.

Continue to the right and you’ll come up to the classroom. When the teacher writes on the board make your way to the next desk. Make your way all the way to the other side and enter the next room.

Jump up on the bookshelf and then jump away when it falls down. Hide in the box until the Teacher leaves, then grab the Key and go through the grate back to the classroom.

Head back across the classroom while avoiding the Teacher and use the Key to get access to the lift. Ride the lift up and go to the right. The bully is on a chain. There are a few ways to deal with him.

Get his attention by throwing something or making a noise. Stay out of range when he runs towards you and he’ll get caught on his rope. While he’s distracted quickly run and grab the Pipe. Either quickly get out of range again or use the pipe to kill him.

Break the door to the right and go through. Climb up the drawers and go through the small hatch. Make your way through the vent to another room. Quickly hide in the box to avoid the Teacher.

Continue to the right and pick up the jar so the Teacher won’t hear you and then climb up the knotted rope. On the next level push over the board to make a bridge. When you make a noise sprint back and hide in the box.

When the Teacher leaves go through the vent to the right. Drop out the other side into the library. Drop down to the floor and push the ladder to the center section. Climb up and grab Hat #2 (Bucket Hat).

Drop down, push the ladder all the way to the right and climb up. Make your way along the tops of the bookshelves and sprint through the hole when the Teacher notices you.

Jump across to the pile of books and jump across the gap to the second pile. When the Teacher searches for you move around to the right and back to the left to avoid her.

Jump across the gap to the right, wait for the Teacher to go through the door and then pull the box closer so you can jump up to the handle.

Head to the right, go up the stairs and to the left. You’ll see a boy sitting on the edge. This is Glitching Remain #4.

Head across to the right and place the top of the Rook piece on the chess piece so you can jump across to the handle and open the door. Grab the Rook piece and take it with you.

Place the Rook piece on the chess piece next to the table on the left. Climb up and grab the King piece.

Walk to the right and pull on the painting of the red eye. This will reveal the answer to the puzzle and show you how to checkmate the king. Jump onto the table to the right and take the Queen piece. Place the Queen in the far left corner, the Rook to the right and the King in the center.

The lamp to the right turns on. Jump onto the Rook and onto the table. Pull on the lamp to open the back bookshelf. Inside you’ll find a Key. Grab the Key, head down the stairs and open the door to the right.

Walk down the steps and pull the food trolley away from the door. Go through the door and jump up to the counter for Glitching Remain #5.

Push the trolley all the way to the right and climb up it so you can crawl in the vent. Drop down into the kitchen and climb over the trolley of dishes. Quickly pick up the ladle and hit the bullies with it.

The last bully will drop it’s head. Pick it up to go undercover as a bully and crawl under the small table to the right. Make your way through the dining area and crouch under the desk.

Head out through the door and continue through the hall. Go through the door on the right and your disguise will fall off and break.

You’ll need something to hit the button to the door o nthe left so climb up the cabinets to the top. Throw off the glass jar with the brain and then use the hook to quickly lower back down. Grab the brain and throw it at the button.

Go through to the next room and sneak into the vent. Stay crouched and move forwards when the Teacher moves. Follow the Teacher to the next room.

Climb up to the counter and use the jars and books to hide from the Teacher. When she turns around make your way to the right. Jump the gap to the next counter and then in through the hole in the wall.

Climb up the bookshelf in the next room and through the vent. Make your way out the other side and use the Hammer to kill the bullies. It’s easier to sprint forwards to close the distance before hitting each bully.

Eventually you’ll find 2 bullies tying up Six. Take them out and then use the hammer to break the board that Six is tied to.

Six will drop to the floor and you’ll both continue to the right. Climb through the window and go across the board to the next building.

Use the crank to lift up the piano and it will crash down towards the floor. Climb onto it and jump on it a few times to make it drop through the floor.

Six will help you up through the hole in the wall. Sneak around to grab the Pipe and then hit the bully. Grab the Key and Six will help you lift up the door. Use the Key on the door to the right and sneak across to the Hammer.

Six should deal with the next bully so pull open the drawer and climb over to the right. Head up the stairs and Six will help you up so you can climb up and drop off the box. Six will use it to climb up.

Go through the hatch and into the next room. You can only move while the piano is being played or the Teacher will hear you. Use the crank to lower the platform above.

Pull the drawers on wheels over to the left and use it to climb up the books. Follow Six over the platform and through the hatch. The Teacher will hear you so run quickly through the vent.

Jump over the gap at the end and slide down into a dumpster. Sprint to the right and run across the beam to the other side.

Push the dumpster in to close the lid. Then push it to the right. Jump from the TV to the dumpster and then to the ledge to the right. In between the next two buildings you’ll find Glitching Remain #6.

Head to the right and through the door. Six will find a Yellow Raincoat and then boost you up so you can grab the handle.

Climb through the window and then onto the dumpster and TV. Climb onto the roof and drop down on the right side. Push the plank away so Six can get through and then go through the hatch to the right.

Out the other side head up the steps and climb through the window to complete the chapter.

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