Little Nightmares 2 is the second in the series but seems to take place before the events of the first game. You play the role of a little boy called Mono who wanders off to find the secrets of the signal tower. Along the way he’ll meet Six (from the first game) who will act as his guide and help him along the way.

The world has been distorted by the strange message and humming of a distant tower. You’ll face new enemies as you wander around this terrifying world. There are two sets of collectibles to find, Hats and Glitching Remains. The locations of both will be shown in the walkthrough below.


The controls for Little Nightmares 2 is the same as the first game and is most enjoyable if played with a controller. Controls are for the Xbox One with keyboard controls in brackets.

L Stick (W/A/S/D): Move Character
R Stick (Arrow Keys): Move Camera
A (Space): Jump, Throw or Attack if holding weapon
X (Shift): Sprint
Y (Q): Call
LB/LT (Ctrl): Crouch or Slide
RB/RT (Left Mouse Button): Grab object or ledge
B (E): Flashlight or Remote


There are 12 Hats in total although Mono starts out with the Paper Hat and the Nome Hat can only be found if you purchase the Deluxe Edition with the Nome’s Attic DLC.

Glitching Remains are the other important collectible. There are 18 to find throughout the first 4 chapters and if you find them all you’ll unlock the secret ending.


Wilderness: Raccoon hat, Yellow Rain Hat, Nome Hat (DLC)
School: Soccer Ball Mask, Tin Can Hat
Hospital: Teddy Bear Hat, Mummy Hat
Pale City: Postman Hat, Baker’s Hat
Signal Tower: Agency Hat

Glitching Remains

Wilderness: 4
School: 6
Hospital: 4
Pale City: 4

Exact locations will be shown in the walkthrough below.

Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Wilderness
Chapter 2: School
Chapter 3: Hospital
Chapter 4: Pale City
Chapter 5: Signal Tower


If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out the first installment in the series, Little Nightmares. It was released in 2017 by Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco.