You begin looking at a trash heap outside of a large mechanical city. To begin click twice on the upturned bathtub and then click twice on the upturned body. The body will spring to the ground. Click on the head to attach it to the body.

You can extend or contract the neck of your robot, Josev, by clicking on the up or down arrow when hovering over it’s body. Click on the little creature to the right to find out what it wants. Extend your neck and grab the doll. Give the doll to the little creature and he’ll give you your other leg. There’s still one more arm to find.

Pick up the magnet just to your left and then pick up the string. Walk over to the pole and click on it to bend it over. Open your inventory and combine the string with the magnet to make a hook. Use the hook on the pole and Josev will fish out his other arm from the pit of oil and then he’ll swing across.

After the short cut-scene you arrive out the front of the mechanical town. A guard robot follows you along the path. Watch what the guard does and then pull the handle to alert the guard in the watch tower.

You’ll need to find a disguise to fool the guard. Grab a witch’s hat and keep clicking on the other witch’s hats until you can pick up the blue paint underneath. Use the blue paint on the tin of paint to make light-blue paint and then use the witch’s hat on the light-blue paint to make a guards hat.

Climb up the light pole. When you reach the top pull out a pin underneath you and place it above you. Do this once more and then climb as high as you can. Extend your neck and then take the light bulb from the lamp post.

Drop down, wear the light-blue witch’s hat and then place the light bulb on the top of your head. Extend your neck. Now you look just like a guard. Pull the handle once more to alert the guard and this time he’ll let you across.

As you walk across you’ll slip on the oil and fall to the ground below. Walk closer to the tank on the left. Contract your neck and click on the controls under they tank. They determine which hole in the wall the telescoping pole connects to. You’ll need to switch it to 2 and A.

Climb up the steps, extend your neck and jump up to the pole. Shimmy across to the right and grab the yellow wedge. You’ll drop back down to the ground below.

Use the yellow wedge on the side of the train track that is closest to the foreground. Climb up the steps, pick up the hook and attach it to the highest part of the railing. Walk back down the steps and push the lower hook of the railing. This will cause the railing to lift up and pull the lever, making a cart roll down.

Once the cart has fallen over grab the wheels and place them on the track. Stand on the wheels and push the hook once more. This time a cart will roll down and push you through the door.

A fat robot will come out and eat all of the fruit from within the cart. Once the cut-scene ends click on the little red button on the front of the circular structure. This will open a control panel on the right side. Pick up the key hanging next to the right door and then walk over to the control panel.

Extend your neck and look at the control panel. This controls the actions of the claw that descends to pick up the fruit. You want it to be set up so that the first button is at the bottom, the second is up the top and the third button is down the bottom.

Once that’s done press the red button on the right of the panel. Quickly contract your neck back to regular size so that you can walk faster, walk over to the cart and hop inside. The claw will pick you up. As you’re lifted up swing over to the ledge on the left.

Use the key to open the panel on the left and take a look at the wires. Leave the bottom row of wires alone. You wan’t to configure the top wires so that they go in this order: black, red, black red.

Close the panel and drop back down to the floor. Look at the control panel on the right side and click on the red button. This time some wires will begin to fray and arc. Take a look at them and then rewire them by clicking on each of the frayed wires.

Look at the control panel once more and click on the red button. Quickly head over to the cart and get in. This time when you’re picked up jump across to the tunnel on the right side. After the cut-scene you’ll be caught by a couple of bullies and thrown into prison.

Pick up the grass hanging on the left side and then grab some toilet paper. Extend your neck and put the grass on the lamp to dry it. Talk to the robot sitting down to find out he wants a cigarette. Open your inventory and combine the dried grass with the toilet paper to make a cigarette and give it to the robot. He’ll give you a telescoping pole.

Compact your body and look through the mouse hole on the left. Use the telescoping pole and extend it through the hole to scare the robots and then through the farthest hole in the middle cell. Grab onto the cabinet and shake it a few times until the broom falls down and then pick it up.

Turn the tap handle on the right side of the cell a couple of times until it falls off. Pick it up and combine the broom with the tap handle to make a sewer key. Use the sewer key on the manhole cover and drop down. Walk off the screen to the right.

Walk across to the right until you’re under another manhole cover. Use the sewer key to open it. You’ll pop up under the table of a robot guard.

Click on the leg of the chair as the guard robot leans back to shoot. When he falls over grab the pellets from the table. While he’s picking off the pellets from the dart board steal the prison key that’s dangling by his side.

Throw the pellets down on the floor behind his chair. If you don’t have time to sneak up out of the hole wait for the guard to come back. Push over his chair and steal the pellets once more.

Climb out of the hole and use the prison key on the left keyhole on the wall. This will open one of the prison cells and two prisoners will escape. The guard will slide on the pellets and then run out the door to chase the prisoners.

Get out of the hole, walk to the left and enter the middle cell. Extend your neck and grab the plunger from the roof. Leave the cell and look at the control panel on the left. Set the time to 04:45 to open the left cell door.

Enter the left cell and try to open the cabinet. You’ll be given a puzzle with green and red dots. You need to move all of the green dots to the center and all of the red dots to the outside. There are three circles that you can move around either to the left and the right. The starting position I think is somewhat random so there’s no set way to complete this puzzle. As a clue you want to get the red dots in groups of two. See below for the completed puzzle.

The cabinet will open and you’ll take a gun. Walk out of the cell and walk to the right. Go up the stairs and enter the door up the top. Climb up the stairs and look through the telescope. You’ll catch sight of some criminals placing a bomb on the side of a tower.

Part 2: Finding Berta

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