You’ll be controlling Berta for a little while in this part. Open the closet and then take the corn. Click on the pot to pick it up and then place it on the floor. Place the corn on the hot plate to make popcorn. You’ll switch control to Josev.

Pick up the wooden cane and place it through the window to Berta. Switch to Berta.

Stand on the pot and use the wooden can on the vent. Use the wooden cane on the filament inside the air conditioning unit. Step off the pot and put the pot back on the hotplate. Place the filament inside the pot to melt it up. Berta will pull out a rubber hose.

Use the rubber hose on the bottom of the oil pipe on the left wall. She’ll hand the other end of the hose to Josev. Switch to Josev.

Click on the red starter handle to start the lift. Take a look at the control panel. You’ll see a star configuration with black buttons at the top and red buttons at the bottom. You’ll need to move the buttons so that the black buttons are at the bottom and the red buttons are at the top. It’s not such a tricky puzzle but here’s the solution.

Once that’s done a level will flip out. Pull the lever upwards to take the lift up to the top. Click on the fan robot to speak with him. He’ll ask you a number of questions. Don’t worry about trying to get them right as you want to answer each question wrong. When you do he’ll get angrier and angrier until the engine of the fan flies away.

Climb into the fan and this will take you to the greenhouse.Take the stick on the first pot plant and then walk to the left side of the ray machine. Push the machine twice to the right until it’s pointing at the pot where you took the stick from.

Take a look at the control on the wall to the right. This powers the ray machine and the projector but both are not working at the moment. You’ll need to turn the 6 lights to green. The first 3 control the ray machine and the second 3 the projector.

To solve the puzzle for each light click on a square and then follow the arrows until the entire board is lit up. The difficulty is knowing where to start. Here’s the solution for each light.

Click on the lower button on the left to activate the ray machine and grow the plant. Walk up the steps, use the stick on the lower flower that you can reach from the ledge and then look inside to find the magnifying glass. Use the magnifying glass on the little butterfly and you’ll see a pattern on it’s wings.

If you want to use the projector pick up the two drawers from the desk and extend your neck use the magnifying glass on the holder in front of the projector. Insert one of the drawers in the back of the projector and press the lower button on the right on the control panel.

Move the ray machine two pots to the left and plant the plant in the pot. Use the controller and activate the ray machine. Grab the sunflower and Josev will shake down some sunflower seeds.

Look at the panel next to the door on the left and click on the lights in the same pattern you saw on the butterfly. Walk through, extend your neck and place the sunflower seeds in the yellow machine.

Walk down the steps and place the can on the drain under the pipe coming from the yellow machine. Walk back up the steps and lift the lever up and down to make the sunflower oil.

Go back down the steps and pick up the can of sunflower oil. Talk to the large guard to find out he wants a large battery for his toy robot. Slide down the rail and walk up the steps back to the town square.

Give the can of sunflower oil to the old man. He’ll drop a bandage and give you an arcade ticket. Pick up the strap of bandage and then walk up the stairs to the top left.

Use the arcade ticket on the slot next to the door on the left and enter the arcade. None of the machines are powered. You’ll need to hop on the bike and pedal until the first one is powered up.

Look at the first machine and play space invaders until you’ve made 1,000 points. Pick up the token that comes out the left side of the machine.

Use the lever on the pedal machine to switch it to number 2. Pedal until the second arcade game is powered up and go and have a look at it. this time you have 5 puzzle games that you need to complete. You need to join the small red shape and place it in the large red shape to open the exit for each level. Here’s the solution for the 5 puzzles.

Pick up the second token. The third arcade machine is broken so don’t worry about trying to power it. Leave the arcade and go back to the town square.

Part 4: Disarming the Bomb & Rocket Escape

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