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Penguin Island

Once the Ark runs aground walk to the left and talk to Hans. Walk back to the right and go down the lift to the island. Head to the right and then to the north to the giant bones. Pick up the Narwhal Tusk and then walk back to the south and all the way to the left.

Have a look at the anchor and Kate will try to pick it up. It’s too heavy so use the Narhwal Tusk on the anchor to dislodge it. Head back to the ship and you’ll see that Ivan has commandeered the Ark!

Walk to the left and then to the right to see a group of penguins on the edge of the ice. Take a look at the Ark and you’ll notice that the ice floats towards an open door at on the bottom level.

Walk left and to the top left. Look at the nest and place the Russian Doll in the nest.¬†Kate will call the penguins over and they’ll go and have a look.

Walk back to the right to where the penguins where standing and the ice will crack. Use the Narwhal Tusk on the crack in the ice to break it free. You’ll float towards the door in the Ark.

Start by pulling the lever and a rope will come down. Now walk down and have a look at the pictures on the wall, taking note of the symbols next to the picture of the man riding a mammoth.

Syberia 2 Mammoth Symbols

Now go back to the section with the lever and move the barrel that’s barring the door on the right. Go through the door and speak with Oscar. Climb up the wooden ladder next to Oscar and grab the Ivory Hook laying on the floor. Go back down the ladder and through the door to the lever. Climb on top of the barrel and use the Ivory Hook on the metal attachment on the beam. Click on the rope to attach it to the hook.

Get off the barrel and pull the lever once more. Ivan will be knocked off the boat and you’ll be free to sail towards Syberia.


Walk to the right and then up the ladder. Try to talk to the watchman. He’ll crumple to dust but leave behind a Youkol Medallion. Climb back down the ladder and back to the left. Continue to the left and down the stairs. Have a look at the chest in the foreground and pick up the 3 Stone Plates with strange symbols on them.

Walk north and have a look at the flowers to the right. Take one of the Syberia Flowers and also another Stone Plate.

Continue north twice and speak with Hans. Pull the lever next to the gate to drop the Youki contraption. Run back to the ship and go down into the hold. Youki is asleep. Give the Syberia Flower to Youki to wake him up. Now head back to the gate and the Youki will get into the compartment and open the gate.

Follow Hans through the gate and up the stairs. Continue up to the platform and speak with Hans. He’ll tell you that you need to play the song to call the Mammoths.

Call of the Mammoths

Walk to the right and have a look at the strange device. Look more closely at the circle under the device. There’s another Stone Plate to the top left. You’ll notice some symbols are missing on the wheel. The symbols here relate to the white symbols on the Youkol Medallion. Place the 5 Stone Plates in the correct positions. Use the Youkol Medallion as a guide. Remember it’s the white symbols on the Medallion you’re looking at here.

Syberia 2 Youkol Stone Circle

Once all the Stone Plates have been placed in the right location turn the wheel on the left side of the device. Sand will drop on one of the symbols and then an Ivory Key will appear in the center. Pick up the key and take note of which symbol the sand landed on.

Walk back up to the platform and continue to the left. There is another device here that looks like some kind of large musical pipe. Look at the side of it and use the Ivory Key in the key slot. Take the Ivory Key again and now you’ll need to place it under the red symbol that corresponds to the symbol that the sand landed on.

Have a look at the Youkol Medallion and find the white symbol that the sand landed on. The red symbol directly beneath that is the one you are looking for. The sand landed on the curved Y symbol. The Ivory Key needs to be placed under the swirl that is kind of like an upside down 6.

Syberia 2 Symbol Puzzle

Turn the wheel to the right end of the device to start it humming. It needs to play the right notes to call the Mammoths so have a look at the pipes.

Do you remember the symbols next to the picture of a man riding a Mammoth? They represent open, closed and half-closed positions on the pipes. The Mammoth symbols from left to right on the first row are Open, Half-Closed, Open. The second row is Half-Closed, Closed and Open.

Syberia 2 Musical Pipes

Pull the lever on the right to play the tune and call the Mammoths. Enjoy the final cut-scene.

Congratulations on making it all the way through Syberia 2! Get ready for more adventures with Syberia 3.